The Steam Link Is Only $41 Today

The Steam Link Is Only $41 Today

If you’ve been thinking about ways to stream Steam games to your living room and don’t want to go through the hassle of building a second PC or can’t be arsed wiring up your existing rig or laptop to the TV, here’s a decent alternative.

It works best with a wired connection, and it’s not a bad idea to use one of the USB ports for a mouse in case things crash. But given that Steam has got native support for PS4 controllers and that there are 2.2 million Steam accounts in Australia, there’s a good chance a few people might be interested in getting a Steam Link shipped to your door for $41.

Given that you can’t buy directly through Steam anyway, this is about as good as you can get on Valve’s streaming device. It’ll take roughly a fortnight with the cheapest possible shipping, which would still give you enough time to get it installed, updated and working for Christmas.

If you’re interested, you can also pick up a Steam Controller on the cheap. The PS4 controller is probably a better bet at this point though, especially now that developers can access the touchpad and gyro features.


  • Want one but I’d need to have it over a wireless network, doesn’t seem worth it without a wired connection…

  • Wow, the steam controller really is quite cheap! Wonder what shipping brings the total cost up to.. does come with a free controller travel case though.

    I’d always been really interested in the steam controller and had planned to buy one when they released, but for whatever reason never ended up getting it.

    Possibly dampened by the ability to use PS4 and XO controllers on the PC, but I think also never being able to pre-order it or even order it through steam seemed weird.

  • I tried this over the weekend for the first time, i was not impressed. About the same amount of lag using my RPi which i found very very hard to use effectively even on low quality settings.
    But for $40 it could make a good conversation starter

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