There’s A Cracking Deal On The New Nintendo 3DS Right Now

There’s A Cracking Deal On The New Nintendo 3DS Right Now
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If you walked into a store today, it’d cost you $218 to pick up the new Nintendo 3DS from any of the regular retailers.

Alternatively, you could pay less than $150.

It’s coming up to Black Friday in the United States, but fortunately Australians are getting greater and greater access to some of those deals. And if you pick the cheapest shipping option, you can get the black Super Mario models of the New Nintendo 3DS for a measly $145.51.

I’d suggest moving quickly on this one. I saw another listing for a New 3DS that stopped being available for Australians during the process of writing this story. Remember, this is the smaller 3DS – not the New 3DS XL. That said, a lot of people prefer the smaller console.

And just to reinforce the point, here’s EB Games and JB Hi-Fi:

There’s A Cracking Deal On The New Nintendo 3DS Right Now
There’s A Cracking Deal On The New Nintendo 3DS Right Now

Go get ’em.

Update: As a couple of commenters have noted, if you grab a New 3DS from the United States – or any 3DS – it will be region locked to the US. That’s not a problem if you order all of your games from Amazon as well (and you can save a bit today by doing so) but it’s something you should consider before checking out.


  • A fair warning to anyone taking up this offer please keep in mind all versions of the 3DS/2DS are region locked. Australian games will not work on a US system. That includes your existing online accounts as well. You can not register an Australian account to the system either or do a system transfer from or to an AU model.

  • That’s nice and all, but the 3DS is region locked, and you’d need to import all games from the States if you get this. Great price though.

  • Nintendo’s arcane region practises are one thing, but this is a major oversight on Kotaku AU’s behalf.

    There are going to be some unhappy people on Christmas Day.

      • Sweet, I am actually trying to track down a black New 3DS for a Christmas present at the moment but they seem rarer than hen’s teeth (or the mini NES!) – white ones are in abundance it seems.

        So weird.

    • Only good if you own the game, can no longer purchase it from the EShop and people selling on Ebay are ripping you off, may as well get the Sky3DS

      • Yea true the price is going sky high now. I picked it up back when the exploit was still new and got it for $40. Better off getting an old firmware 3DS and just CFW it.

  • Hmm I think there will be some unhappy people who can’t play Australian games in the United States so I would say do not even think about getting a new Nintendo 3DS that can’t play Australian games in the US with Christmas on it’s way.

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