There’s A Documentary About Halfbrick On ABC iView

There’s A Documentary About Halfbrick On ABC iView

Earlier this month we posted our report on Halfbrick and what’s been going since the release of the all-conquering Fruit Ninja.

Play To Win is an ABC documentary focusing on Halfbrick during that period. Well worth watching.

We can’t embed the documentary in this post, but you can watch it here.

There are some strange omissions, the major one being zero mention of the fact Halfbrick made all its designers redundant in 2015. That seems extremely strange.

But worth checking out nonetheless.


  • Yeah I didn’t get to finish watching all of it last night but it seemed remarkably positive given the vibe of your article from a couple of weeks ago Mark

    • Well I highly recommend watching the rest of it, as it was great. The positive vibe does not make it through to the end – it seemed like a pretty raw and open view of what happened at the company. I don’t envy Shainiel the choices he was confronted with. But I can absolutely empathise that after riding the rollercoaster for 15 years of success, then lean times, having to lay off staff because of financial reality, that you would want to tap into more ‘stable’ processes. Creating a hit must be such a rare combination of factors, lots of which you don’t control. More power to him for having a go in the first place.

  • was a good doco, definitely was depressing by the end though. Thanks for the heads up about the designers being made redundant. After watching I thought most of those guys quit to make the games they wanted and the others moved to Hong Kong! that teleporting thief game looks fun too

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