There’s Something A Bit Off About The Assassin’s Creed 2 Remaster

There’s Something A Bit Off About The Assassin’s Creed 2 Remaster

Remasters are supposed to make games look better. And for the most part, The Ezio Collection does. Except the parts where it really, really doesn’t.

Polygon has uploaded a video this morning showing some, shall we say, bizarre discoveries with the Xbox One remaster of Assassin’s Creed 2. There’s some obvious gains over the Xbox 360 version: the colours are better, the anti-aliasing is nicer and there’s more definition.

And then there are the bits that are glaringly worse.

I can’t even explain what on earth happened to the character model above, or why everyone seems to have gotten a change of outfits in the first place. But the thing that’s really weird is – why would you mess with the movement? It looks entirely out of place.

For people who loved and adored Assassin’s Creed 2 when it first came out, the remaster (assuming these quirks don’t get patched soon) might be a bit of a weird experience. If you never played it the first time around … well, enjoy the ride. It’s still an amazing game – it’s just a touch weirder now.


  • Presumably they have simplified character models to substitute in when they are far from the camera, and some how the low resolution one got picked for that guy during the cut scene in the remaster?

    I wonder if they accidentally omitted the high detail model, so the low detail version got automatically selected?

  • thats heart breaking. I really wanted to pick this up and play through it again, Ezio story was by far my favorite, but this would just tarnish the memories I have. those Janky Animations are just horrible.

    • The animations were what got me, too.

      i mean, there are a few things that look a bit crap, that seems to be par for the course with these half arsed remasters. But those janky as fuck animations? What were they doing?

  • It’s not just the character models, all Ezio and all the Npc’s look too…white? Some Italians have a natural tan like complexion which the original managed to get, the remaster makes it look like they are all Americans with an Italian accent. The background is too bright, too colourful, the original had that fog look with the buildings that cream and reddish color.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll skip this one.

  • I finished replaying AC2 on the PS3 a few weeks back. I might stick with that – spider-wall-climbing Ezio is a little too creepy.

    The lighting is obviously different, but I always liked the soft light effect in AC2, especially compared with the first game – it made it feel like you were playing in a warm, sunny springtime.

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