This Gorgeous Game Reminds Me Of So Many Things I Can't Even

Image: Kickstarter

What would you say to a game that looks like a cross between Broken Age and Oxenfree, was inspired by Earthbound, has co-operative play, loot and has bikes you can trick out?

With all the furore around PAX, there's a good chance that many of you will have missed Knights and Bikes. It's not being made by Double Fine themselves, but by a small studio called Foamsword. Foamsword consists of Moo Yu and Rex Crowle, who both worked on LittleBigPlanet. Crowle was the creative lead on LBP, while Yu would also work on Ratchet & Clank.

No wonder the game looks so damn cute, then.

Knights & Bikes has been kicking around for a while - it raised more than €126,447 earlier this year. It wasn't until just before PAX Australia that Double Fine was announced as the game's publisher. Having a publisher means the developers can focus more on development, hopefully resulting in the game hitting its target release of April next year.

So, a little late to the party on this one. But God damn does it look neat. You can find out more from the original Kickstarter page, or via their Steam page.


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