This Is Need For Speed: Edge

This is Need for Speed: Edge. Details are currently scant, but it's from Nexon, coming to South Korea, and looks to be a Need for Speed: World. [Thanks, Sang!]


    Produced by Nexon? So its gonna be a F2P P2W game riddeled with paywalls. No thanks

    NFSW was terrible... it promised an MMO experience and couldnt deliver basic features you see in a multiplayer title like matchmaking, custom game types or a decent friend / grouping function or anti cheat.

    Worse of all player accounts were getting corrupted and they had no costumer support to restore of fix errors.

    Need for Speed: Trying to be Edgy as F**k. The series has become an embarrassment.

    Didnt someone mention that this trailer (or a previous trailer) was mostly from a previous NFS game? Like what NFS:World did?

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