This Is The Kind Of VR Experience I Want

Image: @milchre1s

One day, VR will be truly sensational. It'll be wireless. It'll be crystal clear. It'll feel like a feather on your head and gentle on the skull. It'll be truly immersive and not broken at all.

But right now, it's a good opportunity to be a dick.

Milchre1s posted a video on Twitter that looks like a game about being a chef. From what I can tell, it's a little like Overcooked in VR - deal with orders, put ingredients together, and handle angry customers if you don't get them their food on time.

Or put another way: it's an opportunity to piss customers off by throwing pots, pans and undercooked food in their faces.

So kind of like how people play Rec Room to fuck with everything else in their vicinity. But with ramen. I'm down with that. No word on whether this will ever be made into an actual game, though.


    They covered this weeks ago in good game pocket. It's part of a series of mini games based on jobs.

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