This Week In Games: Dishonored 2 Is Here!

This Week In Games: Dishonored 2 Is Here!
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Hello, I’m back on the ‘This Week In Games’ beat, which means that I’ll probably miss a ton of stuff — but look! This is broad strokes alright.

Anyway, let’s be real. It’s all about Dishonored this week, am I right?

Of course I’m right. Why is this even a question?

Batman: Return To Arkham (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? This is like a HD remaster thingy, which is about to be redundant because we’ll all be after 4k remasters soon. PROGRESS.
Should you care? Hell yes. These games are amazing.

Dishonored 2 (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? The sequel to the wild-as-shit stealth game that was fully awesome in my humble opinion.
Should you care? Very much so. I’m as excited about this as I am for any game in the next month or so.

Eagle Flight (PS4)

What is it? It’s a PlayStation VR game about being an eagle I’m guessing.
Should you care? I haven’t seen much of this, so it’s hard to judge. I’m just happy to see a consistent stream of content for PlayStation VR.

Mark McMorris: Infinite Air (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It’s a mediocre snowboarding game.
Should you care? Nah, not really.

Robinson: The Journey (PS4)

What is it? Another PlayStation VR game! This one has space dinosaurs.
Should you care? I know very little about this. It has space dinosaurs though, that has to be a positive.

Yes I know we missed stuff! Scold me in the comments below.


  • Robinson The Journey looks pretty good. But it’s only 3-5 hours long and $85.00.

    I’m sorry VR devs, but you need to be offering more substantial games for that price point.

    More gamey games are better since if mechanics are good, you’ll keep playing, whereas you’re only likely to complete a narrative once.

    But Dishonored 2 ohmygod I am pumped! I can’t wait to silently choke everyone in that game out and settle down to a nice meal of pickled eel and jellied whale meat.

  • Also out this week:

    Trillion: God of Destruction (PC)
    Small Radios Big Televisions (PS4)
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (PS4/Vita)
    Senran Kagura Bon Appétit – Full Course (PC)
    Trails of Cold Steel 2 (PS3/Vita) (Digital only – may be next week)

    We might actually get Suikoden IV this week too but neither SCEE or Konami are saying anything about what’s going on.

  • Tyranny is too I think? New obsidian RPG using Pillars Of Eternity engine. It’s supposed to be a shorter more focused game. I think it looks really good.

    • Friday, yes. Most Obsidian games release Friday 5pm, so with my ADSL I should be ready to play by Friday the following week. YES!

  • I wanna play Dishonored 2. But would really love to play Dishonored first. But am busy with my backlog 🙁 Maybe 2017.

  • Until Dishonored 2 was announced, I never realised that I am in an overwhelming minority. Never particularly liked the first game. I guess it just isn’t my style.

  • *cries* Oh god. So many games to buy. I can’t keep up. In time or Money. I still wanna play BF1, Titanfall2, CoD:IW/MW:R, Dishonored 2, Tyranny, and that’s while still getting through WoW:Legion, Civ6, and Skyrim… Also because everyone is playing shooters and it made me want to play shooters, I’ve finally loaded up BF4’s campaign, which is turning out to be surprisingly satisfying.

  • Welcome back Mark!

    I assume it’s the EB-exclusive physical edition of Arkham you’re talking about, as the digital edition did release some weeks ago. I’ll be passing on this week; still got two season og Gilmore Girls to rewatch before the new ones come out at the same time as I pick up FFXV…

  • It’s already been said, but yeah, Tyranny is out this Friday. So curious about this one – these guys are excellent with their grey choice based storytelling. Pillars of Eternity is fantastic. Seems like an interesting premise too – a world of evil. So keen. If this is shorter than Pillars (spent 80 hours in that game) all the better.

    One other thing that I think kind of counts… the mini NES should be out on Saturday yeah? I think that’s kind of a big deal and counts as a new release in the gaming category.

  • Batman: Return to Arkham has already been out for a few weeks on PS4 (Physical and Digtal) and Xbox One (Digital). This week is just the physical release for Xbox One. Also, “Should you care: Hell yes. These games are amazing.” This may be the case for the original releases on last gen and PC, but these new ports are horrible. They are very poorly optimised and often run at lower FPS than the last gen versions. How about a little research before misinforming your audience.

    There is allegedly a patch in the works for Return to Arkham to address the current issues. Until that patch is released and confirmed to actually fix the issues, I would hold off on purchasing for now.

  • After Bethesda have gone against day-one reviews, I’ll see what the word is on Dishonored 2 and will probably grab when cheaper.

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