Tips For Playing Titanfall 2

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2

What has the internet sent me this time? A buncha rookies by the looks of it. Ya wanna be dangerous pilots and not Titan fodder, yer gonna hafta listen to me! Alright recruits! Here are some tips to make the best out of Titanfall 2.

Let’s get the easy things out of the way first:

Play the campaign.

Seriously, I can’t think of the last time I’ve played a story this good. Sit down for a few hours and play the campaign mode. Not only will it give you a primer on some of the core mechanics, you’ll probably have a ton of fun doing it!

Use the campaign to experiment with different Titan kits.

If you’re looking for place to practice the different Titan weapons without pressure, consider spending time in the campaign and trying them all out until you find what works for you.

With that said, I’m going to focus on the multiplayer. It’s great stuff but can be intimidating for rookie pilots. Here we go!

Pick your game mode!

Titanfall 2 has a variety of game modes to play. They are:

  • Amped Hardpoint – Capture the control point. You can actually “amp” control points by hold them longer. Teams get points for holding control points and even more when they are “amped.” First to get enough points wins.
  • Bounty Hunt – Players are awarded money for killing the enemy team as well as various NPC grunts and Titans that roam the battlefield. Teams need to deposit their funds at designated points. Killing an enemy steals some of their money. First to reach the goal score wins.
  • Pilots vs. Pilots – A standard team battle mode without any Titanfalls. Not much to say here.
  • Capture the Flag – Well, you see, those guys over there have a flag and we want it. Run over and bring it back to the base. First to three captures wins.
  • Attrition – A classic team deathmatch that includes Titans as well as enemy NPCs. Take out the enemy team and their NPCs to get points. The losers have to try to escape the map in an epilogue as winners chase them to their dropship. Probably the most popular mode.
  • Skirmish – A smaller team deathmatch mode than Attrition. It lacks NPCs and the score limit is smaller as well.
  • Last Titan Standing – The opposite of Pilots vs. Pilot. A big arse Titan only brawl between teams.
  • Free For All – See it? Shoot it. Everyone is fair game in this mode.

There’s also a variety playlist that goes through modes. You can find it on the second page of the game mode selection screen. Let’s move on to the nuts and bolts.

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2


Levelling is weird.

You have your pilot level, your Titan level, and your weapon level. Using a specific Titan or weapon will unlock some abilities and mods. You’ll also get fun cosmetics. If you like a gun or have forged a connection with a certain Titan, keep using them to upgrade them further.

“Credits will do fine…”

When you play and level, you’ll earn credits. These can be spent to buy certain abilities before reaching the level where they’d otherwise unlock. You’ll get more credits during your Network’s happy hour. Which reminds me…

Join a Network.

Everyone is a part of the Advocate Network but you can join other groups as well. These are a bit like clans. Likeminded players and friends can join Networks to more easily be paired together in matches.

Know Your Titans

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2
Team Titans Go!

Team Titans Go!

There’s a few options for Titans. Let’s check them out briefly.

  • Ion – A great starting Titan. Ion has a bit of everything. It has a power energy gun and can drop trip mines for area of denial. Its ultimate ability is the Laser Core, which fires a massive laser at the enemy for a lot of direct damage.
  • Scorch – One of the heavier Titans. It has a single shot grenade gun that must be reloaded after each shot but hits hard. Scorch can also lay incendiary traps that can be ignited and damage anyone standing in the fire. Its ultimate ability is the Flame Core, which sends a massive wave of flame at enemies.
  • Tone – Tone is another great, well rounded Titan. Its main cannon is pretty strong and pairs well with secondary tracking missiles. It can even drop a defensive energy wall to stand behind. It uses a Missile Core that fires a salvo of missiles at the enemy and can really cause damage.
  • Ronin – My personal choice. Ronin is fast but fragile. It carries a shotgun that is great for picking off pilots, can teleport a short distance, and carried a big sword for melee attacks. Its ultimate ability is the Sword Core. Activate it to hold your blade high and rush enemies for devastating melee.
  • Northstar – A tricky little Titan. It has a railgun for sniping but can also hover above ground and unleash cluster missiles or drop down Titan snagging tethers. It has access to the Flight Core, which lets it soar about and rain some justice from above.
  • Legion – Legion is dangerous. It’s a heavy Titan with a powerful chaingun and personal shield that can take a lot of damage while dishing it out. It also has the Smart Core. This ultimate ability auto aims the chaingun at enemies and spews out bullets incredibly fast!

OK, that’s sorted out. What about when you’re actually on the field? It gets intense out there!

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2
I will always find reasons to show off this animation. It’s too damn cool.

I will always find reasons to show off this animation. It’s too damn cool.

The default loadout is fine.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep in mind that the default pilot loadout is always good to fall back on. The assault rifle is punchy, grapple hook helps you move, and Ion is a very friendly Titan for beginners.

Keep moving.

On foot, you are incredibly mobile. You have a double jump, can wall run, and slide to the ground if you are running. Take advantage of all of these.

Or not…

My colleague Kirk Hamilton takes it a bit slower and occasionally pauses to scout out areas or listen for audio cues to find enemies. It seems to work for him so you might want to try it too.

The grapple hook is awesome!

You have various utilities that you can use but the grapple hook is one of the best. Use it to reach high ground quickly, to swing around corners, or to latch on to enemy Titans!

Shoot from the hip.

If you’re scurrying about as a pilot, it’s ok to fire from the hip at mid to close range. Don’t always feel obligated to aim downsight. There’s even a gun ability to shoot while sprinting. I highly recommend it.

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2
No scope required!

No scope required!

Use your radar.

You’ll be able to discern a lot from the radar. Combining it with other environmental indicators like fallen allies will help you keep track of the enemy.

Check rooftops.

If you are having trouble finding the enemy, rooftops are always a good bet. People rush along them to cut across the map and plenty of pilots love to play from the high ground. Climb up and take them out!

Watch your flank.

It’s easy to get blindsided. Be careful of corners and paths that circle around you. Don’t hesitate to go out of your way to double back and trick enemies. Most pilots in their Titans totally forget to check behind them. Use that against them.

Rodeo them Titans!

Jumping on a Titan as a pilot allows you to do damage. You’ll initially steal their battery. After that, you’ll drop grenades into open ports. Leap on an enemy Titan and do some damage.

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2


Give batteries to your buddies.

After stealing an enemy’s battery, you can leap on to an allied Titan to give them the battery to recharge shields and last a bit longer. Try to prioritise teammates who are particularly weak.

“Standby for Titanfall!”

You have a gauge that slowly builds up. When it is full, you can call in your Titan for some havoc.

Want your Titan sooner? Play the objective.

If you are playing Attrition, kill grunts and spectres. If you are playing Bounty Hunt, don’t forget to deposit money. Always remember to amp those hardpoints! You’ll get closer to victory and get your Titan faster.

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2
Welcome back, pilot.

Welcome back, pilot.

Push all the buttons.

Play around when you get into your Titan for the first time. You have a main weapon and a few utility weapons. Fiddle with the controls and check them out. Learn what does what.

Your Titan can fight without you.

Titans have a follow mode and a guard mode. In either case, they will attack enemies. They are pretty intense in guard mode and if you keep your Titan equipped with an assault chip, they can even use extra abilities.


I’ve seen a lot of pilots forget that you can juke your Titan in any direction by moving that way and pressing the jump button. You’ll do a little thrust that is great to avoid attacks, moving behind cover, or moving quickly across the field.

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2
Gohan, why didn’t you DODGE?!

Gohan, why didn’t you DODGE?!

Use your core ability.

Cause enough trouble in your Titan and you’ll power up your core for a big attack. You’ll know because the UI will fill the screen with a big indicator that the ability is ready. These can be devastating chest lasers, wild sword attacks, or massive missile salvos. They kick arse and do a ton of damage. Don’t neglect them.

On foot, use your pilot boost.

Pilots on the ground have a similar mechanic. With enough points, you get a tactical ability. The default one increase weapon damage and mixes well with anti-Titan weapons. Other abilities include decoys, an auto aiming smart pistol, and radar jamming. Which reminds me….

Don’t be a hero.

It’s exciting to rush at two Titans and try to best them in some super cool anime mech fight but it’s far more likely that you’ll get killed. Play it smart. This isn’t like that one scene in 08th MS Team.

You know the one I’m talking about. When Norris Packard shows up in the Gouf Custom and…no? Never mind.

Have fun!

As always, Titanfall 2 is just a game. Take breaks if you are frustrated and come back later. Be kind to other players. Don’t get too serious about everything. Keep positive and you’ll do a lot of good out there, pilot!

Tips For Playing Titanfall 2
Good luck!

Good luck!

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