Titanfall 2’s First Free DLC Drops On November 30

Titanfall 2’s First Free DLC Drops On November 30

Respawn Entertainment has outlined their plans for Titanfall 2’s first multiplayer DLC. Angel City’s Most Wanted adds a fan favourite map and an in game store.

The DLC will be released on November 30. It is the first of many free DLC coming to the game. Respawn Entertainment has promised that all of their multiplayer DLC will be free for all players. The DLC brings back a fan favourite map from Titanfall: Angel City.

Titanfall 2 will also receive an in game store where players can purchase gun skins, camouflage and Titan variants. Respawn hopes to avoid the pitfalls of randomised loot crates by allowing players to buy what they want.

“We will have no in-game currency exchange,” their blog post says. ” If you see something you like, you buy it and that’s it.”

In addition to the changes brought in Angel City’s Most Wanted, Respawn plans to start double experience point weekends and offer in game recognition for top players.

Titanfall 2 is a damn great game. Here’s hoping that the DLC will have pilots battling for a long time to come!


  • Why aren’t you playing this game yet?

    Also the other day someone called me out in Titanfall 2 for posting on Kotaku.

    • Because EA are fucktards and released it right after BF1. I’ve only got time for one of these games at a time and right now that’s BF1.

      If they’d released it mid next year instead I’d buy it then. I still might buy it then, I suppose.

  • I haven’t really cared about multiplayer in a game since the glory days of Halo 3/reach and have been wanting to give it a go, thanks to Black Friday I can justify it even with my backlog. Free DLC is nice icing on the cake.

  • I’m really addicted to Overwatch and have got Battlefield 1 on my “to play” list (right after Doom and Wolfenstein (there’s a phrase I didn’t think I’d be saying this decade)).

    Big W is selling this game for like $35. Is it worth me buying it for an occasional (at most) game?

    • For $35 you can’t go wrong. I bought it expecting to play the campaign and a little bit of multiplayer and was blindsided by how good it is. I’m addicted, and i haven’t actually enjoyed online games for years until this. Controls are tight, matches are short, sweet and fun. They have local servers too.

    • Yes. It’s made by the original Call of Duty crew, so it’s designed to easily jump in and out of a game.

  • Respawn hopes to avoid the pitfalls of randomised loot crates by allowing players to buy what they want.

    Does this mean more powerful weapons etc only for those who buy it? Or just visual stuff? I was going to buy this game from Big W tomorrow ($35!) but can’t stand pay to win games.

    • I’m sure I read somewhere that only cosmetic items would be paid DLC. Everything else like maps and weapons would be free. Which is a brilliant idea, but now watch EA use Titanfall 2’s poor sales as a justification for not adopting a similar model for other series like BF.

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