Ubisoft Is Giving Away The Best Far Cry Game For Free

Ubisoft Is Giving Away The Best Far Cry Game For Free

You can get the best Far Cry game for free. Only on PC, but for free. And for a whole month.

As part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, Ubisoft has been giving out games on PC for the massive price of bugger all. The latest offering is probably the best yet, and it also conveniently happens to be the best Far Cry game: the completely bonkers Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

The stand-alone expansion to the open-world shooter series will be made available later this month. That means that October’s offering, Beyond Good & Evil, is still available for a short while. And since it’s free, you might as well pick it up and see what all the fuss is about. (Just note that you’ll need to make a Ubisoft account if you haven’t got one already.)

If you want to pick up either game, head on over to the Ubisoft Club. Previous games given away for the Ubi30 celebration include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the original Splinter Cell, Rayman Origins and The Crew.


  • it’s funny, I read the headline and went to Ubisoft’s page and they’re still charging for Far Cry 2

    • Edit: I am an idiot and completely misinterpreted this. Yes, FC2 is amazing – stupid malaria drugs!

    • I found FC2 was too boring. “Here’s a mission. Drive to the other side of the map. Kill someone. Drive all the way back.” Rinse/repeat.
      I really wanted to like it, but man.. so much travel just made me lose interest after a while.
      Haven’t played Blood Dragon yet, so hopefully it’s fun!

  • They are also giving it away free on X360 and X1 come Nov 16, through Games With Gold; it is not just only free on PC.

  • Might want to rephrase the first paragraph, it makes it seem like the game’s available now. Shouldn’t be long, though, I’m pretty sure it’ll come out around the 13th/14th like the other Ubi30 games.

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