Watch A Dishonored 2 Villain Die In 80 Different Ways

Watch A Dishonored 2 Villain Die In 80 Different Ways

Cosmic Contrarian knows how to kill people in Dishonored 2. The evidence is well documented by this point and fun to watch. But the latest murder clinic put on by the YouTuber shows just how filled to the brim with possibilities Bethesda’s gothic stealth game is.

The player crosses paths with Kirin Jindosh toward the end of the game’s first act. He’s a great inventor who lives in a clockwork house filled with transforming rooms and hidden secrets. It’s a perfect laboratory for exploring death, but you probably didn’t realise just how perfect until watching Cosmic Contrarian dig up every one of its homicidal nuances.

What makes this portion of the game particularly difficult are the clockwork soldiers patrolling the mansion. They’re difficult to dispatch and easy to die to, plus Jindosh always seems to be protected by them. This combination of events led me to kill the inventor in one of the most cowardly and uninspired ways possible: letting loose a spray of incendiary arrows from across the room and then running for my life.

Cosmic Contrarian, on the other hand, shows there are a number of much more interesting ways to help Jindosh meet his maker,

“Worked super hard on this one, something just felt right about the Blue Danube and clockwork mansion, they go together and the impeccable level design fused with my creative kills of Jindosh with all of the powers and tools available creates this kind of poetry in motion sort of thing. There are a few moments where the music lines up perfectly with the visuals on screen and the motion of everything. I have a bunch of ideas for more Dishonored 2 creations, just need to see what I can do in other levels and explore them more.”


  • While there’s a lot of creativity in there, there’s also a lot of deaths that are the same as another but with a minor variation. Only one involved the clockwork soldiers too which was disappointing. The obvious thing to do would have been to shoot the heads off them and then get Jindosh to make noise so they attack him.

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