Watch Mass Effect: Andromeda's Sleek New Trailer

For the past week BioWare's been teasing new Mass Effect: Andromeda news, and today it all culminated with a rad cinematic trailer, which you can watch right here.

BioWare says that footage is all running in real-time, and the game is scheduled for "Spring 2017" on PS4, Xbox One and PC, so autumn in Australia.

There still isn't much concrete info on how Andromeda differs from its predecessors - other than the whole "no more Shepard" thing - but Game Informer magazine has the new game on their cover. A few other tiny tidbits of Andromeda info also leaked out today thanks to retail listings that sure make it sound like a Mass Effect game. ("Build a formidable hero with amazing weapons, powers, and tech!")

Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 also went live on the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program today, Microsoft announced.


    ME 2&3 are only BC if you have the disks.
    Some trick of them being multi disk games, which didn't get a listing on the xbox 360 digital store.

    Unless, you have EA Access, then they're digital through their vault.

    Its probably Shepards son.

      Nope, it's Scott Ryder.

      He's the son of 'The Pathfinder', whom is voiced by Clancy Brown.
      Supposedly, these Arks left the Milky Way before The Reapers returned.

      It's set far in the future from the trilogy, a couple hundred years if I remember right.

      Besides, shepards son would be a daughter and be an asari, because Liara OTP

    Cinematic trailer? Pass. Let me know when an actual gameplay trailer comes out.

    Captured in engine. Representative of game experience.

    That is a bold statement. Let's hope they don't come to regret it. We know too well how fickle reactions to this sort of promise can become.

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