Watch The Rubik's Cube World Record Get Shattered

Here's a list of the things I can do in 4.74 seconds.

Um... I've got nothing.

I certainly couldn't complete a Rubik's Cube. Not even a single goddamn side.

But Mats Valk can. He just broke the world record for completing a Rubik's cube. It's... spectacular.


    Pft, I could beat that in my sleep...if I was dreaming.

    LOL, that's bullshit. Not counting the time spent looking at it, I mean. Otherwise, it was amazing.

      Looking at it beforehand shouldn't be against the rules.

      I mean, imagine before every single competitve event, the contenders had to be blind-folded before sounding the alarm, unable to scope or plan out a strategy.

      ...actually I wouldn't mind that, V8 supercars and American Ninja Warrior would be more interesting.

        I'd watch a 100m sprint where the competitors were all blindfolded and then spun around 10 times before the starting gun is fired.

    Wow, that was amazing.

    The previous record was held by Collin Burns at 5.25 seconds.

      Actually Lucas Etter already beat that last year with a 4.90.

    The only thing I can do in 4.74 seconds isn't impressive to anyone.

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