Watch Us Get Wrecked By Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunters

Image: Kotaku

A little while ago myself and Amanda were given the chance to sit down and have a chat with Michael and Lindsay from Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter, ahead of RTX Sydney in February. But to make things a little interesting, we decided to play a game while we talked.

One of Australia's weirdest games, in fact.

The game in question: Push Me Pull You, a game Mark once described as the "most disgustingly cute video game ever made". The perfect game icebreaker, then. And given that Push Me Pull You is in pretty weird territory already, it's perhaps not that unusual that we ended up talking about kangaroos and scrotums.

Indie games.

Thanks to Michael and Lindsay for sitting down with us! To everyone else: I promise we'll do better next time.


    Man so many RT people scouting around Sydney for RTX this week that I thought it was this weekend.

    I was enjoying it until you tried to claim Pavlova as an Aussie icon. Misleading these poor American tourists. Shame on you!

      I wasn't about to get into that whole thing right there! Pav's like ANZAC biscuits - we can share it.

        Ha! I can probably share it. I mean I'd struggle to go through a whole pav by myself.

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