We Are Simulating Today's Election Using A Video Game

We have let too many other people have all the fun of predicting the outcome of the election. It's our turn. Using the video game The Political Machine 2016 and the power of Facebook Live streaming, we are pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump and seeing who wins.

You can watch the contest (and some others) here:

We simulated four elections, two involving Clinton vs Trump and two involving different pairs. We also had run a test before it started.

Best thing about the video game versions of these contests? The campaign ran just 21 simulated weeks that took fewer than 10 minutes in real-time.

Here are the results:

Trump (304) defeats Clinton (234)

From a test run not included on the livestream

Clinton (368) Beats Trump (170)

Our first contest from the livestream

Clinton (435) Crushes Trump (103)

Our second contest from the livestream

Bernie Sanders (302) Tops Jeb Bush (236)

Candidates chosen by our livestream viewers

Jill Stein (310) Trumps Gary Johnson (228)

Candidates chosen by our livestream viewers


    Care to explain how the simulations were run? Not much to go on in this article and I'm not about to sit through a 40 minute stream

    Reading the heading i thought the simulation game would be Defcon.

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