We Have A New Best Rocket League Goal Ever

Rocket League the 'phenomenon' has petered out, but there's still a dedicated group of insane people playing the game.

Every now and then they create something magical, like this goal.

I often think about playing Rocket League online again. Then I see goals like this and I back away, Homer Simpson-style, back into the bush from whence I came.

Probably best to stick to that local multiplayer, eh?


    I've been playing Rocket League borderline daily since release. The playerbase is just as large now as it has ever been. When updates get released it'll double for a couple of weeks, but I'd say the game is gaining momentum not "'phenomenon' has petered out".

    agreed. This game will live on pretty much in perpetuity. Petered out is a bad choice of words.

    Rocket League the 'phenomenon' has petered out, but there's still a dedicated group of insane people playing the game.

    Funnily enough, I jumped into Rocket League on Steam last night for the first time in months. At 10pm AEDT there was 42,000 players online...

    I'd like to back everyone up and say that it hasn't petered out. I'm at the champion level and still get matched up with people that I've never played against...

    Man, I've missed seeing these amazing shots. I could watch these all day.

    But yeah, sorry mark... Petered out is completely off. I jump in every now and then, and the game is as vibrant as ever. Always 40-60 thousand players on. Still just as fun as ever. I'm fairly sure there is a growing esports league surrounding it still, they had regional chapnionships recently with prize pools over $100,000 across US and EU. So happy that it's had these legs, it's seriously the best game.

    God I wish I had resolved to use ball cam 95 percent of the time from the start. I only just am now and it's like I have to totally retrain myself. I still love the shit out of it but I know I'll never be as good as I wanna be.

    Echoing the sentiment of.other posters here, it most certainly hasn't petered out.

    As for the goal, incredible, but not best of all time. You should check out some of the team goals that are about on YouTube. A solo goal is brilliant, but a goal that touches all three team mates when they're all flying through the air with seemingly intentional passes is perfection.

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