Welcome To Symmetra Hell

The Symmetra revamp is now live on Overwatch's PTR. In other news, we all live in hell now, but at least the weather's alright.

Nibel captured the madness from PikaIsCool's stream.

And of course:

So there you go. Now you've got something to look forward to when you log onto the PTR this evening. Or dread.


    Looking forward to trying Symmetra 2.0. She was already one of my favourites. I think extending her range slightly will be both good and bad. Half the fun was running around locked onto someone and killing them while the twisted and turned desperately trying to draw a bead on you (on console).

      Was great on PC too. Loved freaking out the Reinhearts

        Ja, except Reinhardt has massive swing range on hammer :-P. I love freaking out Genjis and Mercys. A Symmetra behind enemy lines on a payload push can be devastating. No-one expects it. Have to watch out for Meis though...

          I must say, my favourite target is D.Va. Cook on high for 10 seconds, then peel off the plastic top, let sit for 2 seconds, then cook for another 2 seconds. Just like mum used to make.

          Gengi's, Mercy's, Lucio's (any high mobility characters) are like a shining beacon to me.

          In fact, you've inspired me. Tonight I'm going to try an offensive Symmetra on King's Row and see if I can't cause some serious mayhem.

          Tried an offensive Symmetra on Kings Row last night. It was beautiful. First teleporter on the walkway above point A meant that they never had a chance. As soon as the point was capped, I ran to their first spawn room and dropped a teleporter in there. No one ever goes in there and it meant we pushed the payload to the next point without any resistance. For the third point, I dropped the teleporter in the medpack room in the foundry and set up my nest in there to defend it.

          Looks like offensive Symmetra can be brutal. Definitely a new style for me to play.

    Can't wait for her to hit consoles. She's my second most played character (16 hours with a 67% winrate) and I've been hoping that she gets something to make her more useful on attack.

    I'll be interested to see if the shield generator can be dropped onto the back of a payload effectively, plus how they change her new shield ability before it goes live.

    As @zamboyashi said, there's almost no better feeling than circle-strafing around someone as they try to get a clean shot on you, but you jump dance around and cook them from the inside out. I'm concerned that she'll be more of a target now though, as before everyone ignored her and 20+ killstreaks were easy to get.

      The shield ultimate gives 75 points at the moment, which I would say is good, but not unbeatable. The range on it would make putting it on a payload really effective. I can just see a Bastion, a Reinhardt and a Mercy sitting on a payload protected by a shield generator while Symmetra lays turrets to prevent flankers. You'd probably take a couple of skirmishers like Genji and Pharah who have high mobility, or a sniper to cover the advance.

      I guess what I'm looking forward to the most is how the new Symmetra mixes up the tactics and team selections.

    I agree the 75 shield charge seems good now, but Symmetra originally had a 50 point shield and they nerfed that because it was too good. Combine her shield with Torb's armour and now you've got as much extra health as a Tracer. That's not going to be something to sneeze at.

    My earlier mention though was more about her projectile shield (photon barrier). It's got 1000 health, the cooldown starts *from when you fire it* and it moves at a decent pace forwards. I'm worried that this combination will mean that she's almost a mandatory pick as you'll be able to throw a barrier, run forward without worrying about dying from ranged attacks (her biggest weakness), drop a few turrets and then start cooking people at the front line. I'm not sure on the speed of the photon barrier, but if she can run faster than it, then she could also just throw one back the way she's going, get in front of it and then have a perfect retreat. As I'm saying this, it all sounds super fun, but I'm really worried she might now be too good.

      The barrier moves at her walking speed. Still throwing one out in front of a Reinhardt would let his barrier regenerate and/or allow him to waste fools with his hammer. The photon barrier is going to be most useful against fairly static enemies like Tobjorn's turret, Bastion, Widowmaker etc.

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