When Will The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Be Available In Australia?

When Will The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Be Available In Australia?

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is officially out in Australia today, but good luck getting one — they’re essentially sold out throughout the country.

So when will you be able to get one?

According to Nintendo, a second shipment will be available in Australia in “early December”. That’s super vague, but at least its confirmation we’ll have a second chance at picking up the console before Christmas.

But we need more details at this point. Exactly how many units will be part of this second shipment? Is it something we’ll need to pre-order right this second? That’s the question.

If we hear anything, we’ll update as soon as possible.


  • can’t believe these things are sold out. if anyone would like something like this with mutiple systems nes, snes, mega drive, n64, psx. look up retropie and raspberry pi on youtube. these things are a complete waste of money :/

    • This is a deliberate scumbag move by Nintendo. They have purposely limited supply to push up demand. This has led to scumbag re-sellers on ebay selling nes classics for over $400… What a joke FU Nintendo.

  • At least there will be another shipment!
    Tried getting it at Big W this morning and there was about 35 people lined up for a reported 18 consoles.

  • I just need another controller. Didnt think to get one, and hate the idea of using anything other than a NES controller.

  • Nintendo seriously need to sort their supply issues out. Really not instilling hope for the Switch launch.

  • Gametraders annouced via Facebook that their stores are taking pre-orders for the second shipment. However being a franchise chain you’ll need to visit your local Brick and Mortar store to make the pre-order as they don’t really do online.

    My biggest grip with the handling has been the sheer number of scalpers selling them on eBay for $300-$500.There’s clearly people that purchased the console solely to flip a profit, it really makes me angry that eBay don’t have a policy in place to step in and stop blatant profiteering by listing them buy it now for those prices.

    • This gets me too with every collectors edition or cool thing. People miss out because someone wants to profit. I tried arguing with a scalper once, saying that what they do deprives others of opportunity… they just kept banging on about ‘free market’ and that they ‘could do what ever they wanted’.
      Basically an a-hole.

      When stuff is limited buy it for yourself and share the love instead of profiting.

      • as much as it is scummy, the scalper is taking full advantage of a situation that was put in place by nintendo. supply and demand dictates that they can do it. I don’t agree with the practice, but the market of overly inflated prices for it exists because of the short supply.
        Nintendo knew full well of the demand of this, they had every opportunity to make the console have a ‘worthless’ resale value, and they knew 5 months out from today’s date.
        I can’t help but feel they had plenty of time to adjust their order with their component suppliers. They potentially artificially created the short supply and demand, so the majority of the blame is not on the scalper, the scalper is just taking advantage of the market.
        The thing that is sad is that this is all nintendo has going into the christmas period, you want to make as many of these as possible and capitalise on the demand because it will dry up much quicker than the slow burn of a regular console. You need to strike while the iron is hot, not let the scalpers take advantage of your artificial demand market because you can’t satisfy it.
        When they apologise profusely for the amiibo debacle and then replicate the same issue with this, it makes you wonder how hollow the apology was the first time.
        We are the same time out to the Switch as what the nes classic release was from its announcement. Are we expecting such a pitiful supply of consoles for the switch launch? potentially because the headline ‘sold out in 2 minutes’ is more exciting than ‘we didn’t disappoint our loyal customers’
        must stop getting upset
        sorry for the rant.

    • I went into JB to try and find some controllers (no luck, they only got two), and they had one over the counter console left. I was tempted to buy it thinking I’d surely find a friend who wanted one, but didn’t want to end up being a scalper if that didn’t pan out. Left it for someone to walk in and get.

  • According to Nintendo, a second shipment will be available in Australia in “early December”. That’s super vague, but at least its confirmation we’ll have a second chance at picking up the console before Christmas.

    Not to be mean, @markserrels, but I for one already know of that and all my local stores have been sold out of their second shipment for months.

    Like other items in the past, allocations are insanely small and I even think the NES Classic is a limited run.

    • Not to be mean but if you looked at the Nintendo Australia website you would see that this was announced today and will be releasing early December. Also if you read the comments you would see a post that shows where you can pre-order it

    • Nobody knew there was a second shipment until Nintendo announced it today, your local stores might of presumed and taken preorders anyway but it wasn’t a sure thing.

      • Nintendo sometimes pass on details to select retailers that they otherwise keep tight lipped on.

        If it was only announced today though, how come the details in the article match up to what I was told back then?

        At my local JB I was informed they did have a second allocation for December but that too had been exhausted.

        While I am open to possibilities the consistency is too close to be a coincidence.

  • I think it’s honestly just a manufacturing thing. Same as amiibo, it takes quite a while to create even one of these things (relative to pressing disks for example) so they could only make so many worldwide. The US are even worse off in that regard – at least JB and EB took preorders. The second shipment will be the second batch produced, which ultimately is probably just a continuation of the first run which likely hasn’t even stopped production since it started with unit number 1.

    Relax people, don’t buy from scalpers, just wait a while. Even if it’s not until the 4th or 5th shipment, you will be able to just walk into Target and pick one up off the shelf no problem. Eventually.

    • assuming there will be a 4th and 5th shipment?
      it seems like there isn’t any solid info on whether or not it’s a limited release – but general consensus seems to be that it is.

      i spoke to the guy at target today, and he said as far as he knows today was the only shipment they’re getting.

  • went into my local target this morning, around 8.30 (rookie mistake obviously) – completely sold out.

    they said they had 40 units, and a few people actually lined up overnight.

    the prices on ebay are ridiculous, but what’s even more ridiculous is that people are actually PAYING those prices. I saw one bid on ebay currently at $390… what the hell.

    I’ve still an original NES, but I wanted to buy one of these for my dad. I grew up as a little kid playing with him and my older bro. Many many hours of mario and tecmo world cup soccer!

  • I pre-ordered mine from EB games the day it was announced as I figured they would be much sought after but rare as hens teeth. Didn’t lock in a second controller, massive mistake. Picked it up today along with a 2 metre extension lead for the controller…it’s really nice.

  • Preordered it and a second controller, ordered extension cables this week, just waiting for it to all show up in the post ETA TOMORROW!

  • Tried to get a controller today (sold out before I could even preorder it months ago!) ane missed out by 1 person in queue.

    They really need more controllers too and nobody knows anything about them getting restocked.

  • Pay over the odds, wait 6 months for 3rd,4th or 5th issue to be released. Or buy an Android internet box, download Kodi and change your entertainment pleasure for ever. Movies,tv shows, classic Nintendo games available for free. So good.

  • I look forward to not being able to get my hands on these things. I really want to show my 14 year old brother some real gaming, but I’m never fast enough to get things like this

    • Same. I didn’t even realise they were selling them in store until I saw my mate showing his off on Facebook yesterday. Maybe go a raspberry pi build and try and get your hands on the controllers?

  • I’m so annoyed at myself for not jumping on the initial pre-order bandwagon.

    I honestly had NO IDEA it would be THIS popular! Got to Target this morning 15 mins before opening time, expecting to be the only person there, and I kid you not, there must have been over 50 people queued up through the shopping Centre. Knowing that the store was likely only going to have 10-20 of them, I knew it was hopeless.

    I raced to a nearby Big W which opened half an hour later & it was the same thing. The staff were turning people away.

    What the actual F??

    • Catch of the Day app/website has some available for sale at $99.99 if anyone doesn’t want to wait till Dec, I just got a notification about it on my phone.

    • Sorry, false alarm – maybe a glitch in the Catch website. My cart suddenly updated to -2 units & the listing disappeared 🙁

    • I got to my local Target about an hour before it opened and there were still about 5 or 6 people waiting there when I arrived. By the time the store opened there were at least 50 or more people lined up waiting. Luckily the staff organised us on approximate time of arrival when the store opened and I picked one up without any issues – they had about 40 in stock (not enough for everyone that had lined up). I also managed to get the last extra controller they had in stock.

      So I was lucky this time around. If/when they announce the Classic SNES, I’m going to make sure I preorder that thing immediately.

  • Pre-ordered at EB months ago. Got an email saying they over sold and will issue a refund.

    Then lined up at Big W on release day. People were sliding under the door before it was even a meter high , ran to the back of the shop to get in first, mostly young middle-aged males.

    Mothers / fathers looking to secure one for xmas who had been waiting there for an hour or so before everyone else missed out because they weren’t able to get there fast enough. Disappointing.

  • Mostly for @weresmurf if he is thinking of giving any mates or himself the Star Trek BluRays but other Trekkies feel free to spread this warning.

    As you know, after a bad run with TNG and constantly finding a different bad/scratched disk in each boxset I have taken to having a friend of mine check my disks by having them imaged (I get him a bottle of spirit each time so he’s more than compensated).

    Imagine both our frustrations when I got the TOS boxset and once again *there is a bad disk in it*!

    Needless to say, I’m tempted to take him up on his idea and just take all three seasons back for a refund and just watch that series via Netflix now it’s available.

    This basically makes it my fifth bad disk. Seriously, I think it safe to say there is no quality control with CBS BluRays.

    • Holy crap??? Thanks for the advice! I was actually going to buy these later this year but you’ve saved me a lot of anguish!

      • Huh? How did my post get here? It’s suppose to be in the TAY thread.

        At least I saved you a head ache. No joke, I honestly think it has gone beyond me having plain bad luck to CBS home media just not enforcing proper quality control on their disks.

        TOS Season 2 came out fine but weather or not I take all three TOS boxsets back will depend what he finds with Season 3.

        At least my local JB is nice; they let me replace just the one disk rather than the whole box which is great as it means I can be sure the rest are OK rather than have the whole set checked again.

      • Just a follow up, JB are transferring a unit from another store as they were out of stock (I wonder why…) and will let me just swap that one disk.

        Maybe if they make 4K versions (very possible given the lengths they went to when scanning TNG) they’ll have quality control that time around and it will be a nice addition to your own shelf.

        As for me, if I doubt I’ll ever get a boxset again given how poor CBS BluRays have been.

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