XCOM 2 Now Has A Co-Op Mod

If, like me, you're not at PAX Aus and wondering what you were going to do with your Sunday, it's time to fire up XCOM 2 with a mate and get alien-slaying. Team Dragonpunk has just released its "Tactical Co-Op" mod for the game and while it's technically a beta, it's good enough to have fun with.

So, let's start with the bad news. Being a beta, you'll probably run into a few bugs. Secondly, you'll have to jump through a few hoops to get it working.

From the setup post on Steam:

- Make sure you and your friend have the mod installed obviously. And then start the game with it turned on. Both you and your friend load up saves, any saves will work, though I would not advise running a important save.

- Do note that you both MUST be loaded into a save, and you both must be on the Squad Select screen. Host cannot invite their friend to the game while they are on the main menu. This is will result in a crash.

- After you and your Steam friend are loaded into saves, whoever is hosting must go to load up a mission and get to the squad select menu. Set up your team accordingly and then remove 1 of your soldiers. You will see a new button under "Select Soldier" named "Invite Friend". After you click this button you should have the Invite Friend Steam Overlay popup. Invite them, click the return to game button at the bottom right, and click accept, but DO NOT add your last soldier back. Once your friend joins the game, have them select the last soldier. Once you're ready to play have the host click the Launch Mission button at the top of the screen!

- Please take into consideration that it has been experienced that it may take between a few seconds to a few minutes for all actions between players to transfer over to each other, especially after combat is initiated. Please be patient.

Now for the good news. The mod is currently limited to two players, but Dragonpunk notes that Firaxis should "approve code" for 12 players. That sounds a little hectic for my liking, but generally, the more the merry — especially when it comes to saving the world from extraterrestrial threats.

Tactical Co-Op (Official) [Steam]


    'Any save will work' is a bit wrong ;) Any NON IRONMAN save will work :D

    That being said it is a lot better to just start a new one where you can coordinate which mods and dlcs are active on both ends - will save the players a lot of grief :)

    sounds like some fun, xcom 2 is great
    sounds like you both play as the hosts soldiers however, you wouldn't really like your friend getting your colonel killed in an ironman run...

    My mate and I have always played XCOM and XCOM 2 (and basically any squad based tactical game we can get to work) co-op just on the same system. Each create/maintain half the soldiers.

    It is great fun and adds a new element to the game because research and upgrades have to be divied up between all of your troops.

    I'm super impressed by the fact that they've managed to pull this off.

    It's not up my alley and I don't see myself ever using it. For me, a compelling co-op in XCOM would include each player having their own squads, research, or covering different territories.

    But I'm still VERY impressed by the engineering involved, getting this to work.

      yes it constantly impresses me how much modders can eke out of games, despite usually given extremely limited official tools by the game devs. this is a classic example.
      always especially impressed when modders can open up entirely new 'game modes', not just 'change character Y's hat colour to blue'

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