You Can Get An Xbox One From Target For $249


It's only the 500GB model of the original Xbox One, but the price is a little hard to ignore.

In the market for a console this Christmas and you don't really care about 4K, playing things on a 4K screen and largely just want an efficient media box that can also play some games? That's going to be the sales pitch, or at least it should be, when Target starts selling this from tomorrow.

I'm sure most people, families included, will probably give the LEGO Movie game a complete pass. Minecraft's more popular, there are better LEGO games (see The Force Awakens) and come Christmas there should be plenty of sub-$40 aging AAA titles to mess around with.

It probably won't be the last sub-$300 deal we see on the Xbox One this year though. With retailers clearing their inventory of old consoles and trying to promote the Xbox One S and the new PS4 models, there should be a few offerings on the original Xbox One before Christmas. We'll probably see slightly more expensive bundles with better deals, but $249 is a pretty hard price to complain about.


    Rubbish. I wouldn't buy one at $49, let alone $249. At this point you either plump for a slim or you wait for a Scorpio. Now, I'm saying that as someone who already owns a PS4, so it might be different for someone who has no console at all.

      Either that or you look at a PS4 Pro -- or trading in the PS4 and then getting a Scorpio next year. But yeah, this is more for people and families who don't have a console at all.

    That price has me interested as I've been looking at the S model just to play the Forza and Halo games I've missed out over the years. And for $249 that is very tempting!

      I bought an S for this reason plus having a UHD drive.

      To be honest it's been great. Never played halo before but have since played through 3 campaigns slit screen co-op with my son. Also never played gears before and got them cheap too.

      Also played heaps of For a Horizon of late.

      Great console.....coming from a long time PlayStation man.

    I've been in the market for a new Netflix box after the GF accidentally knocked out PS3 off of the TV unit and it stopped working.

      If you're just after a netflix box, just get an apple tv or an android device that runs it as an app??? They're around 99 bucks.

        They tend to have annoying limitations. From memory, the AppleTV at most can only output Dolby ProLogic II.

        An appleTV Starts at $239. I don't know much about android devices but most of them look pretty rubbish at $99 (Please enlighten me if I'm wrong).

        I wish they sold rokus in aus because they seem pretty rad, also expensive. An xbone for 250 to use as a media player, and you can also play games on it is a pretty good deal.

    Tempting -- if only for Sunset Overdrive.

    Not that my Target stocks video games, anymore... or even men's clothes.

    So, duck Target.

      Wow I THOUGHT I was being paranoid but I've noticed Targets mens clothing section has shrunk at my local by around 75% but the womens has expanded by that!!!


        Men don't buy clothes, apparently. They don't stock socks or underwear, either.

        It's pretty much only women, baby and kids clothes. All greatly expanded, taking up the space of things like: towels, toys, appliances, quilts, men's clothes, sheets, kitchenware, and so on.

        I went there the other day to grab some throw away runners for paintball, was one aisle of mens shoes, and 9 of womens. We apparently also don't like/need shoes

    Don't think there's much stock around. They first tried clearing them out at $269 back in August (or September) which is when I picked up mine. They sold out by the end of the day.

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