You Can Get Some Decent Games For Bugger All

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Shadow Complex Remastered, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Killing Floor, Dangerous Golf and ADR1FT.

How would you like all of those for less than the price of a smoothie?

That's the current offer for the Humble Unreal Engine Bundle, which is a simple pack of 7 games over three tiers. It's not a massive bundle to unpack, but the prospect of getting The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or ADR1FT for $5.38 (at the time of writing) is a neat little deal.

Let's break it down quickly:

Pay $US1 Or More

Image: Steam
  • Dangerous Golf
  • Killing Floor (with Chickenator DLC, Community Weapon Packs 1-3)
  • Shadow Complex Remastered

Didn't get Shadow Complex Remastered for free around Christmas? This is probably about as close as you'll get for a while. Also, mini-golf games that cost bugger all are always fun.

Pay More Than The Average

The average is currently $US4.12, which equates to $5.37.

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  • The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare
  • ADR1FT

ADR1FT and Ethan Carter are the drawcards here, although The Mean Greens looks like it could be a good bit of silly fun. Don't know how big the multiplayer base would be though.

Pay $US10 Or More

Image: Steam
  • The Culling

The Culling is the top tier offering, but you might as well pass. It's got a 69% rating since its release in early March and is more or less just another battle royale-esque game, something which you can already get from ARK: Survival Evolved, H1Z1 or, to a certain degree, DayZ. All three of those games have bigger playerbases to mingle with, too.

So that's the selection. I'm one of those people who vastly preferred Ethan Carter to Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, and that was before it was upgraded to Unreal Engine 4 (it was originally coded in the previous Unreal Engine). Shadow Complex is a bit of an underrated classic, and while ADR1FT might not be everyone's cup of tea it's hard to argue at the asking price here.

And everyone can have fun with mini golf somehow, so there's that.


    For real, the offerings on humble bundle lately have been insane. Even their monthly subscription has been ridiculously good! If I didn't already have most of the game they offer I'd be totally into that. Still considering just a month though... getting Dragons Dogma PC for $12 US is pretty sweet anyway, let alone whatever else ends up in that month.

    Side note for site update - sometimes I'm getting the video ad load underneath the "see more" button, and sometimes it clicks through the button to the ad as a double tap or something? Don't mind so much when it happens when I'm home on wifi, but when I'm at work.. data caps and all that. Happy to see the ads and all, I do watch them from time to time, just a formatting thing. I took a screenshot to show, but not sure where to put that. Just would be better if it appears higher or lower on the page if it can? This is for iPhone 6, iOS 10 :)

      If you've bought a bundle recently you should have a 10% off voucher for their monthly subscription, making it even better value.

      I've always considered it, but I usually already have too many of the games in it to make it worth my while. Dragon's Dogma, though, you say... tempting.

    i just bought the $1 bundle, mainly for Dangerous Golf. havnt had a chance to give it a shot yet though.

    My 2 year old thought that the dangerous golf trailer was great fun, she is very much into crashes at the moment. So picked it up mostly for that but I'll see what Adrift is like

    Also... The humble store has Dirt 3 for nothing ATM.

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