You’ll Have To Wait Till Tomorrow To Pre-Order A Mini NES At EB Games

You’ll Have To Wait Till Tomorrow To Pre-Order A Mini NES At EB Games

After being completely bombarded by customers desperate to pre-order a Mini NES, EB Games has given up the ghost.

Its site is in a bad way, and it wants to do this all over again tomorrow.

Wow. People really want these things.

EB Games just posted the following on its Facebook page:

In preparation for the Mini NES December shipment, we massively increased our server space to account for 30,000 people, which is twice as much as our previous site traffic record.

Today, that amount was exceeded due to unprecedented demand for this console.

We are doubling our server space to accommodate anywhere up to 60,000 simultaneous customers on the website. This item will be available at 12PM Sydney time tomorrow at the following link:

Stock for this item will be extremely limited.

Good luck people.


  • Honestly, they should just put it up to a lottery – put in your name and email (or sign in with your EB World account, prevent duplicates and encourage memberships), draw however many they have in stock, you have 24 hours to buy it, repeat until all stock is gone. No chance of crashing their website, more fair than “everyone refresh the website in case you get one”.

    • It’s a nice idea, but there’s several problems:

      A lottery would still get 30,000+ users trying to access the site and crash.

      More Pre-Orders means they have more capital to get more stock allocated to them.

      Locking in customers to Pre-Orders means they’re less likely to go to a competitor or to a scalper on Ebay.

      Lotteries open up the risk to be gamed by people who could create multiple accounts to enter multiple times.

      Investing in a Lottery system for one singular, extremely unprecedented console launch would eat into their profit margin.

  • I don’t understand the demand for this. Is everyone craving another dust trap to sit beside their Wiis?

    • My consoles can each only collect so much dust, there’s so much more dust going to waste beside them.

    • The issue is nintendo deliberately don’t ship full orders to stores, they send under the requested amount which then drives people to have to rush for pre orders or possibly miss out entirely as nintendo haven’t made it known if this is a limited release. Not sure if its true but a friend who works games at a jb told me at least their store maybe more stores haven’t even been told if they will ever be getting more after this second shipment, they are in the dark about it’s future.

      • Nintendo have said there’ll be more shipments coming through the coming months. People are just scared of missing out or want immediate gratification instead of having to wait. I’d bet a fair proportion of Gen X-ers want to get these for Christmas presents for partners/spouses/children.

        Just have to trust Nintendo. Look how well it did supplying amiibo to the Australian market.

  • I guess this will probably go the same way as the Amiibos did, they’ll underestimate the demand but overestimate the resupply.

  • And it’ll result in people crashing the site again. They should at least honour those people who got the item into their carts

  • It isn’t the people who actually want one who are crashing the site. It’s the people who want to make a quick buck by selling them for $300+ on ebay.

    • This has happened to me too. I had other items also removed.

      That’s actually quite serious.

      It’s nearing Catch of the Day or Beat the Bomb proportions.

  • If this had twice as many games in it, I’d be all over it like a rash. Unfortauntely for me my favourite games aren’t there…….well not all of them.

    • Really jealous of the Famicom Mini getting Street Gangs. Also would love to have Battletoads on there, and Probotector.

    • Saw a reviewer mention that there’s a nes clone thats out at the moment that does updates via it’s usb power port, reviewer was wondering if the nes minis usb power port is only power or has other functions?

    • I wasnt going to say emulators…… but ill say emulators

      build a nice little Pi machine and case I bet for the price of the non-upgradable mini nes

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