Zubats And Pidgeys Are About To Become A Lot Less Common In Pokemon GO

Zubats And Pidgeys Are About To Become A Lot Less Common In Pokemon GO

This is the best Pokemon GO news we’ve had all year. Niantic have announced a number of balancing tweaks meaning you’ll run into more varied Pokemon, but also stop hatching common Pokemon out of 10km eggs. It’s a fix that will hopefully make the game a lot more enjoyable to play, and can potentially bring back some of the players who were driven away by the lack of balance.

Of the fixes, the main one is the type of Pokemon you’ll encounter. “Trainers may notice fewer Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat, and an increased variety of other Pokémon,” reads the Facebook post. It’s also made a couple of changes to the kind of Pokemon you’ll hatch out of eggs: “It was also discovered that Pidgey and Rattata no longer hatch from Eggs and Eevee now hatches from 5 km Eggs only.”

Unfortunately there seems to be no mention of other annoyingly common Pokemon like Weedle and Caterpie, but it’ll hopefully help to bring more balance to the game. Here’s the full update:

After a handful of visual updates and largely useless gameplay features added, Pokemon GO finally seems to be moving towards making fixes for playability. Would this be enough to get you back into the game again? Let us know in the comments!


  • Still no news on tracking. :/

    And while it may not be fun, but being able to catch and evolve so many pidgeys is one of the best ways to level up.

    …speaking of Zubat, now they mention it I haven’t encountered one in ages.

    • And it seems that AB test they did on telling you a particular pokemon was near a particular pokestop never got rolled out to the rest of the user base. If the old tracking system was too expensive to implement at the scale the game grew to, this could have been a reasonable substitute.

      • It was a bad solution as the usefulness decreases if in the suburbs with not many pokestops available.

      • That’s actually expanded to another few areas just recently. They are ‘still looking at feedback’ so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

    • Tracking is still in the game, there are just no footprint icons. Still super easy to track things down as the list is based on what is closest. Near the middle but moving down? You are going the wrong way.

  • I doubt that I’d start playing again. They don’t seem to want to fix tracking, and it’s so frustrating to see a new pokemon somewhere, and realise that I’m never going to be able to find it. If ORAS can have pokemon tracking, why not Go?

    • I agree, i dont think ill be playing it again because they’re not making a game for pokemon fans. They’re blatantly making it for MONEY MONEY MONEY to target micro transaction heavy markets. They will never add tracking back because they want you to buy lures and incense.

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