2016's Most Popular Game Trailers, According To YouTube

As it does every December, Google is in the process of posting some data-filled 2016 recaps. One that's got our interest is YouTube's official "top 10" of video game trailers for the year, ranked according to views.

Some entries, like #1, will not surprise you. Others, like the Clash games, will... probably not surprise you either.

One thing to note is that they're lumping everything together based on total views. Another is that they're only counting trailers for games that actually came out in 2016, not those whose trailers turned up this year but won't be out until 2017 or beyond, which is why games like Spider-Man and God of War, who would have made the list with 10 and 14 million views respectively, didn't.

Here's the list:

1. BATTLEFIELD 1: 49,864,296 views

2. CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE: 35,930,951 views

3. CLASH OF CLANS: HOG RIDER: 32,332,845 views

4. GEARS OF WAR 4: TOMORROW: 17,091,816 views

5. CLASH OF KINGS: 17,080,025 views

6. OVERWATCH: DRAGONS: 14,059,394 views

7. POKEMON SUN & MOON: 10,767,945 views

8. FIFA 17: 10,644,036 views

9. WATCH DOGS 2: 10,097,425 views

10. DOOM: 9,651,691 views


    I'm still impressed by how much Battlefield 1 actually looked like that trailer.

    Battlefield 1 and Doom are easily the best games of the year. Battlefield 1 is just so damn fun! They definitely out did themselves with it.

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