8 Minutes Of New Resident Evil 7 Gameplay

Jesus, this video game looks wild.

Remember when Resident Evil 4 came out after years of Resident Evil slowly getting a but long in the tooth? Remember how awesome that was?

I'm harbouring a secret hope that Resident Evil 7 is going to represent a similar shift. Yes, I'm pretty hyped. Yes, this looks very good.

I'm keen on this.

I love the look. I love the animations. I love the first-person perspective.

Please don't be terrible.


    It would be more tense if taking a massive axe to the face twice didn't make you just go "ugggghhhh"

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      *Hits you in the face with an with axe*


      *Stub toe on corner*


      *Opening jar of peanut butter*


    It looks bizarre. A talking zombie? Axe hits to the head are as effective as a shovel to the body? Even the gun aiming was silly. Visually it looks spooky but otherwise it looks a bit meh.

      On the other hand, it would be a great house of the dead revival.

      Gotta remember that RE hasn't been about zombies ever really, it's about biological weapons/warfare, thus the Japanese name Biohazard. Last time zombies were the real main threat was RE3, and then again only featured in RE6's Leon campaign.

      So he's not really a zombie, more just a man who's infected by something that makes him... bizarre.

      Agreed about the gun and axe though. What's up with that?

    Can't wait to play this in VR, it looks intense. I'm hoping that more AAA studios will anounce PSVR compatible games.

      I just hope it works well in VR, I'm a little worried about motion sickness with all the running around.

      Considering the recent considerable reports of downgrading sales projections, particularly with PSVR (at least in the short term, though they think it will be a steady quiet achiever still), AAA studios probably aren't going to take the cost risk to implement VR without more quantifiable evidence that it makes a difference.

        You know they're already making this for PSVR, right? Also weren't those reports more or less "our made up numbers were a little to made up so we've made up some smaller numbers instead" from one of those random "analytics" companies that likes to be wrong about things all the time?

    Resident evil meets condemned.

    I'm cool with this!

      Totally. Man, Condemned was masterpiece in poop yourself horror gaming. Those Mannequins...

        Bought it at launch, along with my first lcd TV and a 5.1 system. We hooked it up at midnight and crapped ourselves. It was resident evil 1 all over again.

        The sound design in that game, with the psychos climbing into the ceiling and running around, the screaming, it was nerve wracking.

        So good.

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    The shadows are a bit off-putting.

    All static shadows are smooth as heck, however dynamic shadows such as the player's or destructable objects like tables, etc. have grainy jagged edges.

    Because of this, I'd be able to spot what was moveable / breakable, and what can't be interracted with at all.

    Not sure whether I'm more excited for this or Outlast 2. Outlast has a proven track record with this kind of horror but these teasers are looking very promising.

    I really hope that the encounters are somewhat random. As in, the enemies are patrolling an area of the house and when you come across them they perform a location specific scare (like popping out of a doorway, or around a corner, or jumping from a balcony). Scripted scares are okay for one playthrough but render any successive playthroughs predictable. May be expecting a bit much here, though.

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