A Classic Japanese Arcade Unit Just Sold In Australia For $4450

Image: eBay

There aren't many working Bandai Vectrex demo consoles in Australia, or anywhere else. But one was sold on eBay this week, and it was sold in Australia for a hefty $4450.

The auction, which was first reported by AusRetroGamer, was started by an antiques retailer in Victoria's Ocean Grove.

The retailer has a lot of quirky Japanese stuff, from vintage meccano sets to nobu-style masks and pachinko machines. But one of the rarest items was a working Bandai Vectrex store demo cabinet, complete with the Armor Atttack and Mine Storm game cartridges.

All images: eBay (u/ogkyo)

The entire cabinet is 1.31m tall and 20kg heavy, with the game cabinet itself shaking out to be 57cm x 47.5cm x 45cm. It's not known precisely when this cabinet was manufactured, but the Vectrex was released in late 1982 in North America only to be discounted two years later.

There's no footage of it working in action, but if you're the buyer - or know the person who is - get in touch!


    It's beautiful O_o and it knows. It's got a selfie next to the joystick.

    This makes me want to live in an american house with a basement/dungeon so I can actually buy some arcade cabinets.

    I had a Vectrex growing up. Fortress of Narzod, Mine Storm, Scramble... none of them as good as Spike who forever tried and failed to save his girlfriend, Molly. I even remember the audio;

    Molly: "Oh no, Spike"
    Spike: "Oh no, Molly"

    Best bit about having a Vectrex of course is that each game came with its own coloured plastic card that you clipped in across the screen to really bring the game to life!

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