A Foodie Reviews The Food Of Final Fantasy 15

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

There might be a lot to like about the combat, bromance and the flying car in Final Fantasy 15.

But you know what looks the best, the bit that I really want? It's the food.

It's the same thought Sydney-based foodie blogger Jin had when playing Square's latest adventure. He typically writes about actual food - like Vietnamese rolls in the CBD, smoked ribs in Crows Nest, or calamari in Artamon.

And since the food in Final Fantasy 15 looked so good, it warranted a foodie's eye.

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

"Look at these plump and impeccably constructed sushi. I wouldn’t question it and just pretend it’s spam," Jase wrote.

It's some classy nigiri, for sure.

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

Another nod to the Japanese background of this game, the Tonkatsu is usually pork cutlets deep fried with a breadcrumb coating. The key here would be not to overcook the pork cutlets so that it’s still tender and succulent. Tomato sauce is a nice pairing as it will balance out the richness of the fried cutlets with some sweetness and acidity.

I get why tomato sauce is a nice pairing, but I'd rather a capsicum-based offering myself. There's a Spicy Red Sauce you can get from Woolies or Coles that fits the bill nicely, despite not being spicy in the slightest.

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

According to Jase, Tomalley is the name given to the lobster paste that you find in the cavity of the luxurious crustacean. "These delicately pinched buns are still glistening from the steam. I also like that there’s bits of lobster floating in the vinegar to add that seafood taste to the dressing."

You can read the rest of the Final Fantasy 15 food review over at Jin & Jase. They've also got a lot of neat recipes and tips for food around the city - or Sydney, at least - which is always good to have.


    A mate was showing me FFXV and every time he showed me the food I got hungry! Great post from Jin & Jase, very clever!

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