A Keyboard Fit For A SNES Fan

A Keyboard Fit For A SNES Fan
Image: Hyperkin

Nintendo has had a great year. People are keen as mustard for the Switch, Super Mario Run looks set to be a hit, Pokemon Sun and Moon were superb and everything is lining up just nicely. Except for people who would like to actually line up to buy the Mini NES, because you can’t do so online.

But I digress. It’s a good time to be a Nintendo fan. And if you’d like to reciprocate that love elsewhere, here’s a neat keyboard that will help you out.

It’s made by Hyperkin and first spotted by The Awesomer, the company better known for their RetroN emulators. But this one’s a little different: it’s a mechanical keyboard with backlit Gaote Blue switches, styled in grey and blue after the classic SNES (the original, not the Famicom casing that later made its way to Australia).

The switches are also compatible with Cherry MX keycaps, if you want to go through the labourious process of switching everything over. It connects via standard USB, although it doesn’t appear to come with any special software or particular features beyond that.

It’s out of stock right now, but it’ll be selling for US$100 when it’s available again. That’s probably too high a price for most people given what you can get for cheaper, although I haven’t seen any until now that could do the SNES justice.


  • Yes!

    Reciprocate that enthusiasm for that one company’s stuff by paying some completely different company!


  • Did we ever get a purple colour scheme in Australia?
    I don’t remember one. This keyboard makes me feel nothing.

  • I thought the PAL SNES that we received was in the original styling? In that it was based on the Super Famicom Japan design? Pretty sure in the US they wanted it to look more, um, ‘adult’ hence the hideous grey purple thing going on here.

  • Wasn’t the SNES design released in Australia/Europe the original, and the one in the US the modified version?

  • I like that I came here to find a bunch of people already pointing out that this wasn’t our snes…. fighting the good fight 🙂

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