A Reminder Of How Much Halo Changed Everything

Sometimes it's easy to take for granted just how much Bungie accomplished.

In a fitting Christmas episode, but also as a tribute to Bungie's work, YouTuber NakeyJakey went back over the origins of Halo and the game's impact on first-person shooters, consoles and the perception of both after Halo's release.

There's also a good chat about the amount of external factors on Halo, but also a breakdown of how some of the smaller changes - like acceleration on turning, soft lock, friction - made shooters more comfortable on a console setup.

It's also just fun to see a YouTuber unabashedly show off their notes during recording (and just how many notes they made). But it's also good, given its the holiday season, to remember just how much work goes into the games we really loved.

Halo really did change everything.


    Halo is one of the biggest games of my entire 41 year life. I took a day off work for the release day of Halo 2 then Halo 3. Only The Last of Us deservedly got another day off work. Halo 1 singlehandedly changed me from scoffing at the xbox, to playing halo 1 in target and walking out with one underarm ten minutes later. Heck, I even ordered the novels from America and read them (Which were surprisingly great)

    Without Halo, xbox would've failed.

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    The creators of the Halo universe put a great amount of effort into developing the Halo universe, lore and history.

    The Halo games have been decent games, but where I felt Bungie, and then 343 Studios have failed, is in bringing the wider Halo universe and story to the forefront.

    The books tell some amazing stories and really flesh out the history of the Halo universe, but you have to go digging.

    I would really have loved to seen a feature film TV series detailing the creation of the Spartans (as reprehensible as the story is) and the fall of reach, or the fall of the forerunner civilisation.

    The only thing Halo 4 changed for me was my "top 10 disappointing games " list.

      I actually started it up again a couple of days ago and then got depressed pretty quickly.

      Yep. Halo 4 was a huge factor in me updating to a PS4.

    Halo was responsible for getting a lot of my non gaming friends into gaming. 2 xbox's, 2 tv's and 8 eight of us would just sit around all night talking trash while playing muliplayer.

    I never understood why Halo was considered such a great game. I was a PC junkie and played vastly better multiplayer modes in internet cafes/online and other games had impressive single player campaigns. In retrospect Halo did changed everything ... for consoles :)

      I don't think anyone's confused about what platform we're talking about.

      Having said that I used to play Marathon on a Mac LAN setup in the late 90's which was brilliant. Consequently gutted that Halo never bridged across to PC/Mac. Still there's always the possibility of Destiny coming to PC!

        Halo CE is on PC, but Halo 2 is "Games for Windows Live" and may or may not still work anymore

      Exactly, coming from PC Halo was nothing but generic & repetitive sci-fi FPS.

      But muh muhstarayce!

        Hehe, I enjoy more playing a nice game in my living room with a friend of mine, rather than siting infront my PC. Still Halo, at least for me, was mediocre.
        Of course setting a LAN party with multiple people (>10players) to play Counterstike, MOBAs, RTS, competitive FPS, MMORPGs etc, would always be the King of gaming.
        That's what I loved with net-cafes and I am surprised there aren't places like this in Melbourne for gamers to come together to play/form teams.

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