The Division Devs Are Flying People To Their Studios For Feedback, Again

As they did before, the makers of The Division are inviting fans to provide in-person feedback regarding some changes to the game.

This time, they’re flying fans to Red Storm in North Carolina this January in preparation for changes to The Division’s most controversial component: The Dark Zone. More info here, and you can also read up on The Division’s rollercoaster year.


    • I really hope they haven’t fallen into the trap of getting feedback from the people who are super/over-invested and will continue to play no matter what they do.

      Those people probably don’t need to be listened to – I mean, they’re still playing. The people you probably need to listen to are the ones who stopped playing, to find out why.

      Sadly, this seems to be a trap that every other mutliplayer-focused game’s dev teams fall into. They solicit information from their ‘community’, which is usually a rapidly-shrinking, increasingly-insular, self-serving clique. (Bonus points if the complaints at that point are, “Hard to get matches,” and “Power/skill imbalances.”) Then they wonder why their userbase is continuing to shrink, because they’re only consulting the people who are continuing to play, and not those who decided to stop, and any casual tourists interested in checking the game out get fucking curbstomped by the seasoned veterans desperate for fodder to prey on.

      I understand that it’s harder to ACCESS people who aren’t engaging in the community, but unless you actually want to develop specifically for a shrinking niche, then you need to reach out to the harder-to-access group of people who stopped playing, to find out why they stopped.

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