Attack On Titan Season Two Gets Official Trailer

Why are the muscle dudes punching the other muscle dudes through trees? Why are some of them naked? What's with all the weird faces? I have no idea.

I know nothing about Attack on Titan or anime, so this trailer is indecipherable to me, but hey, I know you guys love this series so HERE YOU GO. Season two of Attack on Titan comes west in April.


    I have no idea either, since it was so long ago I watched season one. Kind of lost interest when it was apparent they were in no rush.

    Here is a mirror of the Funimation upload that includes subs and is available to Australian viewers: If someone could tag a mod for me that would be great.

    And remember kiddies: April 2017

    I'm not gonna watch it because trailers have way too many spoilers nowadays, but im excited that it is finally coming out.
    Now i just hope i can have the will power to wait until the english dub comes out.
    And then we can all look forward to the same wait between season 2 and 3, hooray!!

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