Battlefield 1 Gets Around To Adding The French

The decision to leave the French out of Battlefield 1 at launch was always a weird one, considering the country's enormous contributions to the war, but whatever: they're now being added as part of the game's first expansion, called They Shall Not Pass.

Due out in March, it will include new maps based around the Battles of Verdun (including the heroic defence of Fort Vaux) and Soissons, with EA hinting we'll also be getting to drive France's cute lil' Renault FT tank around as well. There's also mention of "something big" surrounding the battle between the Americans and Germans in the village of Fismes, which probably means a big-arse railway cannon.

There aren't any screens or video of the expansion, but there is some concept art, which is as incredible as the rest of the work done for the game.


    Man I’m loving this Battlefield game. BF 4 and Star Wars were the first two BF games I’d played since BF 1942 and neither of them really held my attention, this one is great through.

    I’ve got rules around buying season passes and against buying DLC from EA, but this game might be worth an exemption.

      I feel the same way. I have nearly really enjoyed BF games too much, they always felt a bit hollow. COD was amazing in it's initial WW2 based years but has also become less engaging as the years roll by.

      But I have clocked up 100+ hours already on BF1 to my own surprise and eagerly await the expansions. I think it is the Great War setting that appeals most, though I think the Operations game mode also adds to the enjoyment.

      It definitely is, I got the season pass for Bf4 and it made the game last twice as long. There's always a good amount of people playing the new maps, I can't wait for the maps. They deliver on quantity and quality.

    Edit: LOL, wrong thread.

    While I'm here though, I'm very much looking forward to this DLC, along with the also announced Russian one.

    BF1 and Titanfall have been a refreshing breath of fresh air for multiplayer FPS' this thread.

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    The concept art for the expansion just looks like the intro campaign level. Maybe all of the single player levels from the campaign will eventually be multiplayer maps? We've already had one.

    Isn't the french tank already in the game?

    Awesome, a 'retreat and surrender' simulator DLC to a FPS. That is a new and novel idea.

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