All She Wants For Christmas

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Sometimes, you just want a new meta.

This cute Christmas list was posted on the bedroom wall by the daughter of Australian developer Giselle Rosman. Her daughter likes Overwatch, a lot.

But you know what she'd really like for Christmas? A new meta.

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Blizzard, please.


    amusing, but makes me wonder how old is the daughter? Surprisingly adult handwriting and turns of phrase.

    Edited to be less grinchy (still grinchy, but less so)

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      She's 13, and I'm very proud of her spelling.

    Agreed with the tank thing. Played a match last night, trying to play capture the point against a Harambe, DVA, Hog, Rein, with Lucio and Ana supporting them. Jesus christ that was a nightmare

      Substitute Winston for Soldier/Symmetra now and it's just as bad...

      Zenyatta minces tanks. They also make nice big targets for Pharah.

    What is a 'meta'?

      Meta in this case refers to a selection of characters in the game that are continually selected due to their viability and cohesiveness in game. The problem is that at the moment there is 23 characters in the game, and we continually see the same 8-9 characters used constantly because they are so much more powerful.

    The metagame or 'meta' in this context are the current trends which impact how a game is played. In competitive and online games, it often refers to the balance between characters and team composition, where particular playstyles might be favoured over others.

    Sometimes the meta might seem to skewed in one direction that playing outside the current meta would be detrimental to your performance. This gets annoying if you feel that you are locked into playing a certain character or in a certain fashion which can be gimmicky and cheap.


    I keep hearing how overwatch is perfect.

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