Brace Yourself: Will Ferrell Is Starring In A Movie About Esports

Brace Yourself: Will Ferrell Is Starring In A Movie About Esports

The man who brought us unforgettable performances in Step Brothers and Anchorman is about to play a professional gamer.

That’s right, Will Ferrell is starring in a movie about esports. This can’t be a good thing.

According to ESPN the film is being produced by Legendary, Mosaic and Gary Sanchez Productions, and has the 49 year old playing a professional gamer (which title is yet to be revealed) in a sport where most competitors don’t stick around past their twenties.

Apparently the Evil Geniuses and Fnatic teams are in talks to take part in the movie. I sincerely hope they get some solid input, because call me a pessimist, but I can’t see this going well.


  • Is this article scared that the movie will make fun of people being paid millions of dollars to play video games rofl

    • Personally, I think he’s hit and miss (hated Elf, loved Anchorman for example), but this has the hallmarks of being something he can make work.

  • Translation for this article:

    “Oh no!
    Someone is going to be making a movie that could be mocking something I like!
    Why can’t they mock things I don’t care about, like Sportsball, or being a prime-time news reporter!!!
    This has the potential to make a joke of late teens/early-twenty-somethings making a living of playing video games for long periods of time!
    I don’t like this!
    eSports is serious and should be handled by serious movie people like Stephen Spielberg. Or Peter Jackson!
    Also, Will Ferrell is old!”

  • Does this mean esports is not ACTUALLY a sport?

    Will Ferrell, best known for his sports movies like Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Semi-Pro, says he is done with sports movies now, forever and ever AMEN.
    “I will no longer attempt to do any sports movie, anymore. Any sports,” Ferrell said Friday before playing in a charity golf tournament hosted by one of his fraternity brothers from Southern California.

  • Now to wait and see which Big name game company is going to pay through the nose to get their brand-spanking new moba/shooter into this film

  • Given the frequent reports of corruption, cheating, sexual harassment, inappropriate sledging, doping and illegal gambling with eSports, anything that Ferrell does will likely make them look better than they already are. I could hardly see how he can make them look worse.

  • Olofmeister put in a great onscreen performance in Divergent.

    I’m going to assume they’ll insert some made up game that’s a mish-mash of a few of the existing ones. Not sure about the timing- such a film will either help the scene or hurt the scene, I’m tilted towards the former though.
    I really hope the script/dialogue gets vetted by good people to eliminate any and all cringe (use of ‘salt’ or salty’ etc).

  • Was Step-Brothers unforgettable? At first I thought you were being sarcastic, but you also mentioned Anchorman which is unanimously adored, sooo….
    I didn’t get 20 minutes in to Step-Brothers before I turned it off and never looked back. Talladega Nights was way better.

    Anyway, while I think that Will has passed his comic prime, I’m totally for a movie making light of ‘eSports’.

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