Brutal Pokemon Sun And Moon Hack Makes The Game Way Harder

Brutal Pokemon Sun And Moon Hack Makes The Game Way Harder

Pokemon Sun and Moon are among hardest games in franchise, meaning that for some, fainting is a real danger. Others, however, don’t think the challenge is enough. Enter ROM hacks.

GTA Temp user Kobazco has developed an edit of Pokemon Sun and Moon that amps the difficulty nearly to the extreme. Dubbed Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon, here’s what it contains:

  • Trial Captains and Kahunas now all have teams of 6 Pokemon.
  • Level curve greatly changed. Team should be in high 70s/low 80s by the end of the elite 4.
  • Trainers have Pokemon not usually seen in Alola.
  • Gladion is literally Owain from Fire Emblem now. (His sword hand hungers.)
  • Moveset editing has begun, Butterfree is a notable change.
  • Youngster Joey has a top per cent Rattata.
  • You will be able to battle all of the Battle Tree exclusive trainers OUTSIDE of the Battle Tree during the post game.

The ROM hack doesn’t just give you more monsters to contend with at a higher level. The quality of these creatures is higher too, with the creator noting that many of the enemies come with perfect IVs — meaning, they have Pokemon with perfect stats, just like an actual player might. The creator notes that with these changes, even they actually blacked out a few times during gameplay.

Some screenshots — note the very high levels at play.

Naturally, tackling something like this would be impossible without wild monsters to help you train, so those have been edited for the hack as well.

“Good luck to anyone who wants to Nuzlocke this,” Kobazco warned.

You can read more about Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon here.


  • “Pokemon Sun and Moon are among hardest games in franchise” HAHAHAHAHHA

    Why are patricia hernandez articles always the worst? I thought the consensus was sun/moon were the easiest pokemon games so far, I certianly felt up until around the third island the game was in the ‘waaaay too easy’ basket as opposed to the usual pokemon ‘easy but still a few hairy moments’ basket. Even after that i didn’t feel any real challenge or danger up until the poni canyon area and the elite four with how many items you get thrown your way and how often people heal you before and after battles.

    • Yeah, has she ever played another Pokemon game? Even your friggen rival heals you before a match, the whole game is on easy mode.

      • Tomorrow her article will be on how easy pokemon sun and moon are. Like the time she had an article about how bad pokemon hacked stuff is then afew days later had an artice on how to get hacked pokemon

  • I disagree for one reason only. I was on a Nuzlocke run as my first run, started with Popplio and caught pikipek on route 1. All of a sudden after route 1, my battle with Hau and he pulls out pichu! it was the first time I’d lost a run. it was so sad. After that run, I felt it slowly got easier further into the game. Going to the final island was an exception but there were no sudden jumps in enemy pokemon levels.

  • I actually felt the difficulty to be reasonable, but only because I had the EXP Share on, while also raising EVERY new Pokémon (excepting Alolan forms) and switching between Pokémon when they got a little too strong. This meant I was on-par or a little under leveled the entire game. Also because I didn’t grind (which Patricia’s tips article for Sun and Moon suggests you do, which is TERRIBLE advice…)

    Turning off the EXP Share helps keep the game at the right difficulty otherwise.

    That being said, they have been stupid easy since X/Y anyway.

  • I’d be down for the games to have difficulty levels. The easier, the lower max stats will be. seems like a good balance, without cutting content.

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon are by far perhaps the EASIEST games of the franchise:
    – Exp Share (games made easier since X&Y)
    – Exp scales a bit to Pokemon level (I sort of noticed that different Pokemon on my team were gaining different amounts of experience from the same kill)
    – Free items (potions and Pokeballs) via people just randomly giving you stuff; and you also have the new Pokepelago and Festival Plaza for even more items
    – Pokepelago offers FREE training for Pokemon (whether for battle experience or Effort Values) – even if you wanted free training, it used to cost in the daycare
    – Type matchups are now displayed (you can see which of your Pokemon’s moves are effective on the opponent; you can even see this before you switch to another Pokemon mid-battle) – this by far makes it very easy for new players to enter the series.

    Thanks Patricia, you’ve demonstrated that you know nothing about Pokemon games.

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