Bully Arrives On iOS And Android With Multiplayer Extras 

Combining all of the extra content for Rockstar's classic school days adventure that came in the Scholarship Edition with all-new asynchronous multiplayer arcade challenges, Bully: Anniversary Edition is available today for iOS and Android devices.

I've fiddled around with the Android version of the game on my Galaxy S7, and it runs pretty well, especially considering it's rendering (or at least upscaling) to 2560 x 1440. The Android version features haptic feedback while on iOS it harnesses 3D touch, with both supporting external controllers if you can't deal with touch controls.

New to both versions are multiplayer arcade challenges, allowing friends who can remember their Rockstar Social Club passwords the ability to take turns playing Bully's various classroom and arcade mini-games for points.

Bully: Anniversary Edition is available today on iTunes and Google Play for $10.99.


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