Conor McGregor Is Heading To Game Of Thrones

Conor McGregor Is Heading To Game Of Thrones

First it was Call of Duty, now it’s Game of Thrones.

After becoming the UFC’s first two weight division champion, Conor McGregor is headed to Westeros.

Rumours of his casting broke earlier this week, but now UFC boss Dana White seems to have confirmed the move during an interview on Fox Sports.

“I knew that a few months ago that they were interested in putting him in the show,” Dana White said. “And I’m glad he did it. It’ll be great.”

After winning his unprecedented second world title in devastating fashion, McGregor is taking time off to welcome in his first child with long-time girlfriend Dee Devlin. Perfect timing to take on a role like this.

According to Game of Thrones fansite Watchers On The Wall, Conor’s part will be short and it’ll be non-speaking.

So, in other words, “he’ll do fuckin’ nuttin'”.



  • The series ends after Conor wins the Iron Throne then refuses to defend it. Everyone lives happily ever after.

  • On a side note, I’ve heard that John Cena is also being sought after for a part in the show.

    apparently McGreggor will be on the Lannister side and the Cena on the Snows side. they will never meet each other in battle but McGreggor will have a long monologue about how Cena is a “40 year old orange shirt and headband wearing failed Olympia mother f**ker claiming no one can see him”

    apparently Cerci tells McGreggor to chill with the harsh bro thus completing Cerci’ redemption and installing the new ultimate bad guy to Westeros…..(as MC Greggor insists that the white walkers aint got sh*t on him and he’ll take em all while still managing to looking good in a suit).

    • Surprise Vince McLannister face turn to fight against the white walkers who were controlled by Undertaker all along.

      • Only to do a Russo Swerve™ and have Vince reveal himself as the higher power behind the Night King.

        “It was me all along, Snow!”

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