Cool Games You May Have Missed From The PSX Keynote

Cool Games You May Have Missed From The PSX Keynote

Today’s PlayStation Experience showcase was packed full of people talking and images flickering by so quickly you could be forgiven for missing half of the games that got some love on the big stage.

Some of them, like Pyre, we already knew a fair amount about, but others, like Nex Machina, are completely new. Below is a round-up of both, including the latest trailers for them that dropped today during the Keynote.

Nex Machina

Frenetic colours, rapid fire lasers, anxiety-inducing robots. A newly announced project from Housemarque, creators of Resogun, Nex Machina is another twitch arcade shooter being worked on in conjunction with developer Eugene Jarvis. Housemarque says, “We’ve been thinking long and hard about how to bring back a ‘true arcade experience’ in a world where arcade halls are almost extinct. Nex Machina is our shot at cracking that problem.”


The latest look at Vane, a game first revealed at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, reveals a beautiful haunting expanse to be explored by a lone stranger. Also, it’s got a pounding synth sound that totally gives off some Stranger Things vibes. This “atmospheric adventure” is due out sometime in 2017.


With all of the recent excitement around competitive gaming, it’s not surprising that developer Supergiant Games, creators of beloved, effervescent RPGs Bastion and Transistor, has decided to include multiplayer in its latest project, Pyre. The new trailer shows off the game’s versus mode in all of its rippling, cell-shaded glory.


Created in Unreal Engine 4, Absolver is an action RPG that’s supposed to merge single, cooperative, and competitive play into one, seamless and open campaign. If you want the chance to act like a martial-arts badass in a beautiful world, Absolver is worth paying attention to.

What Remains of Edith Finch

From the creators of Unfinished Swan, a short, dazzling storybook made interactive by developer Giant Sparrow, What Remains of Edith Finch is a “collection of diverse, time-hopping short stories” that explore the death of different members of the titular Edith’s family. Bleak, to be sure, but in the hands of Giant Sparrow, it also has the potential to uplifting in its intimate, richly personal storytelling.

Starblood Arena

Revealed for PS VR, Starblood Arena is a mech shooter that lets you enter the mindset of a frenzied pilot as she blast’s her way through whatever’s in front of her. The game, from San Diego Studio, seems to be doubling down on a more playful aesthetic rather than the more brutally realistic looking machinery of games like Hawken.


Sporting tight spandex, “fluorescent armour,” and blazing discs,” Windjammers is coming back thanks to the efforts of DotEmu. The original was an arcade and Neo Geo game from the early 90s, and the sizzling colour fades and bulging muscles feel like a perfect tribute to easier, simpler time when people were content to entertain themselves with handsome people running along beaches.


Dreadnought is already in beta on PC, but now it’s apparently also coming to PS4. The game’s got Firefly-sized ambitions, emphasising glorious space battles between hulking, mechanical whales whose majesty is a direct result of the lethal bombardments they’re able to deliver. In developer-ese, it’s also a, “free-to-play, class-based action game that puts you at the center of explosive, highly tactical battles.”


  • Now I finally know what Pyre is after months of it curiously sitting at the top of the Digital Only store page with no real information. Interesting that they’ve only confirmed local multiplayer stating that ‘bad online multiplayer is worse for a game than no online multiplayer’, which seems fair enough.

    Can’t decide what I think about Edith Finch. Listening to interviews and demo footage seems like its either going to be a captivating narrative game with some interesting mechanics or an convoluted, cringe-worthy bore. At the moment it kinda it feels like it might be the latter, unfortunately. But then again, there’s not really much to go off, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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