Darth Vader Vs Aliens

Guillem H. Pongiluppi is a Spanish artist who has worked on stuff like the Warcraft movie.

What we're looking at today though is his series of images depicting Vader and some Stormtroopers meeting, shooting and being eaten by Aliens. Which look like the covers to comic books I would have held very dear in 1994.

You can see more of Guillem's work at his personal site and ArtStation page.

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    At least it has to be better than Prometheus.....

      At least it has to be better than Rogue One...

        Finally, someone else who thinks that movie isnt the masterpiece its made out to be. I honestly thought it was just me and the RLM guys

          I mean this with absolutely no hate towards Disney, but it was a VERY average movie. It felt like every one is having the mad "Blizzard" effect, where in the product is very mediocre, but due to people being unable to take a step back are not able to see Rogue One for what it was;
          -Poor main characters
          -Pacing was really awkward
          -Convenient plot pieces (the kill switch down near the landing pad; why?)

          The only things that I felt that they did right were at least capturing the visual styling of the original trilogy and some of the side characters were great, if under used.

          Its a real close contender for worst movie in the series for me, Menace only slightly edges it out.

            I thought it was the best one since the original trilogy. Force Awakens was very 3/5 for me. It was more of a 'greatest hits' than a real movie. WTF would they make a 3rd death star with an even more obvious weakness.

            And the prequel trilogies were just awful. Just awful.

              Thankyou. Both of you. Ive tried to explain to people how both the new Star Wars movies arent bad just terribly mediocre (IMO anyway) and all I do is run into a wall of shit constructed by blind fanboys.

              I do think Rogue One will be seen like the prequels soon though. The fanfare for those movies was stupid when they came out but people now see what turds they are. The exact same thing will happen with Rogue One.

              I have to rate it above the prequels though if only because they tried something new, even if it fell short.

    That'd suck being the guy who has to hold the banner. Seriously. "Give me a fucking gun! What am I supposed to do with this thing? Hit them over the head?!"

    Should Darth always be in the front? Seeing how he has a short range weapon?

      When you think about it, he has the perfect weapon since the light saber also cauterizes the wound, he doesnt have to worry about the acid blood and he also has the force to help with range

        And the aliens mostly attack by melee attack. So they have to be in range to him to be effective.

        Yeah they can spit acid but like you said, he has the force so he'll be able to neutralise most if not all of it.

    The last Stand ones with them holding the standard that says "Valders fists". Reminds me of a warhammer 40k one. That has a group making their last Stand with a standard that says "crimson fists"

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