Deals: Explore The Galaxy With Kerbal Space Program

Booking a ticket to outer space? Extravagantly pricey, and beyond the means of us mere (read: non-billionaire) mortals. Still, you can get in your space time with Kerbal Space Program, the heavily lauded, critically acclaimed simulation app that puts the final frontier right in your screen.

This physics-based simulator lets you play with real ship systems, flight physics, and actual spaceship parts to help you learn about aerospace mechanics.

Once you get your ship off the ground, you can send your crew into space to build stations, create surface bases, and even explore the planets they find. Plus, collaborate with fellow players via official forums, learn more about the universe in the Wiki, and much more.

For a limited time, you can pick up this award-winning space simulator for only $18.61 AUD [$13.59 USD] — that’s 66% off retail.

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