Dishonored 2 Is Available For Stupid Cheap, Again

Image: Bethesda/Youtube

I could get used to this whole "let's discount good AAA games that came out weeks ago" train.

It wasn't that long ago that you could walk into a store and grab Dishonored 2 for $45 at Target. Big W followed suit too.

But if you weren't able to get to Target or Big W in time, PlayStation has a deal that's almost as good. Within a couple of dollars, in fact.

Image: PlayStation Store

It's available until 1:00 AM AEDT Thursday (11:00 PM for those in Perth, midnight Wednesday/Thursday in Brisbane) and is the latest round of shenanigans in Sony's "12 Days of Christmas" deals. It probably won't be the only solid offering over the next week, but $47.95 isn't a bad price to fork out for something that's plenty of fun. Especially when there's no concerns about matchmaking lobbies or multiplayer.


    Just waiting for Watch Dogs 2 to come back <$50 :)

    Bought it. Now make the Kar Guardian cheaper please!

    shame, console only. still $80aud on steam

    Those of you complaining about the Steam price, why on Earth are you buying it through Steam? A quick search at shows it for $50.

    The update with new game plus is supposed to be out in a week or two, worth every penny.

    Thanks for telling us about discounts like these, was about to buy it for 70.

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