Everything In Civilization 6, Crammed Into One Real Map

Everything In Civilization 6, Crammed Into One Real Map

Between civs, city states and wonders, there’s a lot of stuff from history being recreated in Civilization 6. This handy map shows you exactly where all that comes from in the real world.

Put together by LacsiraxAriscal, it shows each city that appears in the game, whether as a city state or civ settlement, then throws in each natural and man-made wonder as well.

It leaves us with a map that’s chaotic, but in a way that lets you also appreciate that the developers tried to spread the love to as many corners of each continent as possible.

Except Australia. But hey, if Brazil can get their own civ, maybe that just means we’re on the deck for a Civ 6 expansion…

You can check out the map below. Scroll/pinch to zoom, and clicking/tapping on each marker will give you a name and, in some cases, a brief bit of trivia about the location. Oh, and you can slide in from the left and filter by civ as well.

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