Final Fantasy 15 Glitches Are A Good Time

Final Fantasy 15 Glitches Are A Good Time

As with any open world game about men with fancy hair, Final Fantasy 15 is bound to have some glitches. Players are finding some of them, and many of them are terrific.

[Image via kira6346]

According to our own Jason Schreier, who reviewed Final Fantasy 15, the game wasn’t super glitchy for him. So, let’s assume these are part and parcel of typical open-world jankiness. For now, at least. Heh.

Joining the delightful Japanese demo bugs are these:


  • I’ve had a few weird ones..

    Noctus’s hair textures bugged out so he was balding and looked burnt.

    Transparent Prompto the ghost

    All three friends on their stacked Chocobo

    Thankfully nothing game breaking, so they have been a hit fun (so far)

  • I’ve experienced standing glitch and weird nightmare fuel style black face prompto selfie glitch and a photo of Ignis standing in front of hovering in the sky plants

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