Final Fantasy 15 Patch Will Add More Story, Improve Chapter 13

Final Fantasy 15 Patch Will Add More Story, Improve Chapter 13

Why buy games on day one any more? A newly planned set of updates for Final Fantasy 15 won’t just fix bugs, they will add story cutscenes and improve the game’s slow-paced 13th chapter by adding more powers to Noctis’s repertoire.

“We want you to enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time to come,” writes director Hajime Tabata on the Square Enix blog today. “We have been listening to your ideas on how to make the game experience even better, and so in addition to the previously announced content, we’ll be providing free updates to the game throughout the coming year.”

Tabata continues:

Our early plans are to enrich certain aspects of the game, adding gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13, buffing ring magic, etc. We’ll have the specifics of what and when for you at a later date.
After that, we’re hoping to delve deeper into the story, adding scenes that will give you new insight into character motivations, such as why Ravus walked the path he did. We will need a little time with these, as they will need to be localised and voiced in other languages, but we’ll let you know the details once everything is set.
For the long term, we are looking at making certain key characters playable, and even considering the possibility of customisable avatars, in addition to other features over time.
Other features we have in mind include letting you carry over stats from a previous playthrough, and adding items that introduce new playstyles, such as low-level runs and god mode. We’re also examining readability tweaks – increasing font size – for certain languages. On top of that, we’re looking at content you can enjoy in real-time, including new bosses with exclusive rewards and achievements, and limited-time hunts.

One of the game’s biggest problems is its major plot holes, which have left most players confused about the motivations of key characters like Ravus. And Chapter 13 drags on for far too long, so it’s understandable that they’d want to spice it up. This is all in addition to the already-announced slate of paid DLC, which includes packs for each character and co-op multiplayer.

If you’re feeling like a chump for getting Final Fantasy 15 the day it came out, you’re not alone. But hey, at least we got to be beta testers.


  • The idea that they’re going to be patching in missing bits of the plot makes me even less interested in continuing my current playthrough. Already struggling with it as it is, since the battle system is ass (especially the godawful camera), the characters are painfully generic, the world feels so superficial and the main plotline is inconsistent, incoherent and uninteresting (so basically they made a perfect replica of a Bethesda open world RPG :P)

    • Hah. Every one of my mates that have played XV, that have played since FFIV, are in love with this combat system. I love it as well. Yeah the camera can be gimmicky in tight spaces or the forests. But it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Play with the camera settings if it’s that much of a burden.

      Don’t see how you think the Characters are generic. There are good angles on all 4 of them.

      • Opinions are wonderful aren’t they?

        (haven’t played FFXV but I actually am interested. I’m just saying).

        I actually think it looks pretty sweet and I’ll pick it up, but you do the game more harm than good by coming across as such an apologist and responding to every vaguely negative post in the thread with “but my friends and I liked it so you should too. Stop being mean to the devs, they’re trying their best”.

        • Every negative post I’ve replied to, I’ve come out as an apologist? Hotcakes, did you miss the part where I agreed with the camera being gimmicky? The game has it’s flaws – I don’t deny that, though some people seem to be looking at it from one tunneled direction. Opinions are great mate, hence why I mentioned in contrast to NegativeZero, that quite a few people like it. Swings and roundabouts. Taking that very out of context eh.

          • I’m not sure what context there was to take out? I’ll give you the gimmicky (finicky?) camera bit.

            NegativeZero said “the characters are generic”. You said “not they’re not”. I’m not sure what the “hah” thing was about. It comes across as kind of condescending, which may not have been your intention.

            You said “people underestimate the time and effort”. They don’t, they just expect a finished game.

            You said the article was bashing the game, but it’s not. Just because it’s mildly negative about the unusual practice of patching story in after release doesn’t mean it’s bashing the game. From what I remember Kotaku were very positive in their review.

            I look forward to picking up FFXV when it’s actually finished. It’s just that a Day 1 8GB patch and then patching bits of the story in post-release kind of epitomises the whole “just release it now, patch it later” approach. Just delay the game then.

          • I was taken aback when I read about the story patches, but I can already tell I’m going to want to play this game again so I’m just looking on the bright side and calling it the directors cut… Just gun me down…

            I work in film and tv and the whole “fix it in post” thing is a fucking nightmare. With games it’s patching, with film it’s forcing a director of photography or cinematographer to shoot a scene and then saying “just fix it in post” when nothing compares to a beautiful shot direct on cam. It’s always producers wanting to just get shit done and then everyone else bears the blame for something looking/playing/flowing like shit.

          • Oh man, I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrating that must be. Seems like it’s a pretty common theme of publishers/shareholders/higher-ups demanding unrealistic timeframes, no matter the medium.

          • I was a bit miffed by the post production patch announcement but your “director’s cut” comment changed my perspective Jbp.

          • I agree with you buddy. I am absolutely loving this game for the reasons you’ve mentioned. The issues being raised are fair enough, but nothing is breaking the game for me and honestly if I have a fight come up in a wooded area, I just walk away.

            There is definitely a bit of MGSV syndrome happening in the game, but no where near the same extent. Delivering something vast is really hard and as much as I worry about open worlds before games come out, this one is very good in my opinion.

      • My biggest issues with the combat are the same issues that it had back in the demo a year ago and which they said they’d address and didn’t. It’s mainly the crap camera and the animation lock causing it to feel unresponsive.
        – The camera is wonky. It doesn’t focus on what it should. You constantly have to re-position it. It’s in too close a lot of the time and stops you seeing threats.
        – There’s no markers or anything to suggest that there’s a threat off-screen that’s going to attack you.
        – The camera makes it hard to judge distance.
        – Animation lock. Animation lock everywhere. You’re constantly being hit by stuff mid-attack. Your attacks can be interrupted but it’s much harder to do the same with enemies. Defense doesn’t interrupt an attack animation, ever. So if you’re in the last few frames of an attack animation it won’t register you’re defending at all, and you’ll take hits you shouldn’t. This makes it feel inconsistent.
        – The different attack animations have different timings, and you’re never sure which animation you’re going to get when you do an attack.
        – You can be attacked and take damage in the middle of a parry animation
        – Magic is useless because of the friendly fire. You get to use it maybe once at the opening and even then it will often hit you or the party as well. It feels very weak, even when upgraded.

        It feels overall like they need to get in an expert on good action game controls and polish it a lot more. These are issues that third-person action games have largely solved already. They own a developer that’s very good at doing it, too – why aren’t they tapping the talents of their studios like Eidos and Crystal Dynamics? Tomb Raider has fluid, responsive action controls and very solid camera work, for example. It wouldn’t take a lot to improve the FFXV controls substantially, the core of it is solid enough and it feels pretty good when it works. It’s just that those times are interspersed with so much frustration.

        EDIT: On the characters being generic, they absolutely are. Maybe this is colored by me not being that far in the game, but you’ve got four absolutely bog-standard anime character archetypes: the Serious Butler, the Broody Guy, the Big Guy and the Annoying Kid. They haven’t shown any sign of going outside that. It’s not a problem (I don’t mind anime stereotypes at all, if they’re executed well) but they’re very one-dimensional and the fact there’s so little story content and so little character development for them because 90% of your time is spent doing utterly generic cookie-cutter open world content works against that a lot. I think that the random conversation bits they have are supposed to build on that a little, but even those seem to repeat a lot.

        • I feel inclined to respond to the characters.
          In no other final fantasy game to my memory do the characters have as much friendly banter or a sense of a party. Most other FF games, they make you feel like the world is counting on your parties success. By chapter 15, without spoiling anything(because you wrote that you weren’t that far into it earlier) the layout of the world of Eos changes. It’s post apocalyptic, and you know what you have to do to clean it up.

          The dynamic of the party also changes after a certain event, and while I was saddened, it was not for the person the game wanted me to feel bad for

    • I definitely agree with you. I bought it pre-release from Amazon and just returned it today (surprised they actually let you return games!) I’m a die hard FF fan and play FF14 literally 2 hours a day but I just can’t get into this one. The loading times are soooooo slow, with animations for everything like getting in and out of the car. I hate the battle system, FF has always been built on spells and magic, so to only be able to use them once every 30 seconds and have them not even that cool was a major letdown for me. I also hate how it feels like you’re in the US or something, everyone with their southern accents. I can’t even handle the characters as they all seem so fake. Ignus looks like he’s from PS2, that hair looks like a wig, and Gladiolus looks super fake also. I have trouble feeling like they would all actually be friends in real life. I had to turn on sub titles just because I couldn’t tell if it was Noct or Prompto that was talking as they sound really similar. Was so disappointed.

      • I’m playing with the Japanese dialogue so not having too much of an issue with accents, but it makes it easy to miss some of the plot points. The issue with the JP side is that Ignis and Noctis sound very similar and I can’t tell them apart sometimes, so doesn’t fix it either way.

    • I’m up to chapter 11 and after having played a ton of this game I’ve gotta disagree with a lot of what your saying. I find the battle system super fun and engaging, it makes me really want to seek out the stronger enemies and fight them. Even when I was in a dungeon I was VERY underleveled for and had to play super cautiously I was still having a lot of fun.

      The plot is by far the weakest point in the games yes with some stuff rushed, poorly explained or relying far too much on side material to cover but the characters are a huge strong point. Sure a lot of the side characters who dont enter the party are forgettable but those that enter your party are all pretty great/likeable/not generic. This game delivers a wonderfully strong emotional gut punch using those characters and they pull it off mainly through gameplay and that was great.

  • I don’t see the issue, I doubt anyone is pass chapter 2, it is a open world game and I doubt anyone is going through the story when there’s a hundred things to do. Just like skyrim

    • I’m up to chapter 8 and I’ve been messing around a lot with everything, but sometimes you just want to do a story mission.

  • Final Fantasy 15 Patch Will Add More Story, Improve Chapter 13

    Why does this echo what happened with the ending of Mass Effect 3?

    Just a disclaimer, that is another game I haven’t finished but mostly because I felt the choices I made in the prior games no longer mattered and the opening just basically ret-conned them out to fit what EA favoured.

    But I digress.

    A patch should fix flaws in the programming, etc., in the game itself. The story, I assume, should have been set during the design stages. If it is being edited post release then one really has to ask what the hell is going on at Square-Enix if elements like that are not locked down.

    • The story/cutscene elements that they’re adding are more so in relation to Ravus, not so much to the ending.

      • The position doesn’t matter. It just seems odd that the story is basically still being edited/revised post release.

        Just doesn’t smell right to me.

        • Considering that they were being pushed for time, I don’t find it odd at all. Refer to my post below for it.

          • You may not find it odd but it still doesn’t validate a problematic practice in AAA gaming that needs to go away.

            If anything, your post below actually validates and verifies the problem in AAA gaming where quality control and planning become more lax over time.

            And we are not getting upset about trying to make a game better; that is you trying to put words into other people’s mouths. What people like me highlight is changes like these should be done early on and frozen.

          • If you’re feeling like a chump for getting Final Fantasy 15 the day it came out, you’re not alone. But hey, at least we got to be beta testers.
            How am I putting words into other peoples mouths? That’s a long shot mate. Jason’s remark at the end of the article comes off as incredibly bashful.

            I’m not disagreeing with you at all. As I said, if Nomura hadn’t cocked up and everything was on schedule, then that would have happened.

          • My apologies, I didn’t see that last line on the first reading. But I think Jason is being more sarcastic at the attitude of AAA gaming and how it views its consumer base.

        • It’s a little odd but it is addressing events that occur off screen rather than changing events we experience. It would be like the difference between writing Aerith to be alive after release or giving us a few scenes that show what she was doing when we were chasing her to the city of the ancients. One is changing the story completely, the other is enriching it.

        • Eh, you play the game and you realise that while most everything else is pretty great, the story clearly needed more time in the oven. It’s not really a matter of “they made a really poor choice of where to take the story or just didn’t think at all when they made the ending” like with mass effect, it’s more like “they needed like three extra hours of actual story scattered around the early-mid section of the game to make me care about or understand certain characters/places/actions… and a prologue before the roadtrip that’s actually in the game and not an anime would have helped too”

          It feels more like a story that changed hands too much and there was nobody with a clear view of the whole thing who could spot that certain elements needed more setup/attention.
          Which is kind of what happened it seems since Nomura had to move on to different projects and a lot of the early plot stuff he was involved with is what got short shrift.

  • This has tipped me over the edge. I expect bug fix patches for a day one release purchase. But what seems to me like a partial rewrite and addition of crucial story-line content when i’m 3/4 the way through!? Nope, i’m done (mic drop).

  • New Game + is coming out soon, which will allow people who have already finished the story to go at it once more and see these cutscenes that are being added around Chapter 5 -> 10.

    Incredibly bashful article for no reason. People seem to forget that the game went through the massive overhaul after Nomura left, 3-4 years ago. Only couple of things that stayed was the Protaganists and World. So many people underestimate the amount of time and effort that it takes to go into game development.

    Sure, lets be upset that SE is actively trying to update a product for their consumers.

    • So many people underestimate the amount of time and effort that it takes to go into game development.

      No-one is underestimating anything. And seriously, that excuse is getting tired.

      If the story wasn’t right then the game should have been held back. You don’t do a Microsoft and patch everything (including the story) in a piecemeal manner post release.

      The size and scale may have changed since the console era but that does not mean that expectations on appropriate testing and planning should be lowered as we are seeing.

      • Well that seems to be the approach that a lot of people are taking. Everyone is expecting everything to be done instantly. Are you aware of how long it can take to make a single Android/iPhone game? I’ll assume you do, so replicate that onto a larger scale. The ‘excuse’ may be getting tired but it still rings true all the same.

        ?? How can you further push something back when the Shareholders/Investors of a company will not listen to the request? They were lucky enough to get it pushed out another 2 months. Nomura had dicked around for 5-6 years before Tabata got involved. Investors & Corporate had already been paying for all that development time.

        • Well that seems to be the approach that a lot of people are taking. Everyone is expecting everything to be done instantly. Are you aware of how long it can take to make a single Android/iPhone game?

          Where the blazes are you getting these myopic over generalisations of people? I maybe a Web developer but I do know that even that line of development is nightmarish and I have read enough horror stories in game development books to not complain about the stresses of my own work.

          But from those stories they cite very clear lessons on methodology and the importance of planning and design.

          The ‘excuse’ may be getting tired but it still rings true all the same.

          It isn’t ringing true; that is the problem. If a game is of larger scale then it should be tested more. The players are not the beta-testers nor are they the story editors.

          ?? How can you further push something back when the Shareholders/Investors of a company will not listen to the request?

          That is their own bloody fault. If they put themselves at the mercy of the share holders then they only have selves to blame.

          If anything, more you try and defend the practice to more problems you unearth and actually highly how bloated and problematic AAA gaming has become.

          Anyhow, this is coming a repeating cycle and I’ve already crossed the point of over labouring my point as I’m going to be the first to agree to disagree.

          • So much this. The development of FFXII was a shitshow (Matsuno’s original vision for it was tampered with so much in boardroom meetings that he left the company), XIII apparently an unmitigated disaster (artists working for years creating random assets – enough for three games, reportedly – with no direction and no-one actually figuring out how all the parts they made would fit together until less than a year before the game was to ship), XIV a disaster (the initial release was so bad that it shouldn’t have been out of alpha, designer was fired and they had to completely rebuild the game from the ground up) and now XV in development for fifteen years, but still a buggy mess that they’ve declared is incomplete both in story and features and needs to be patched repeatedly to be a complete experience. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is fucked. Something is seriously wrong with game development at Squenix.

      • I’m thinking of it this way.

        Before release, they added a day 1 patch to add extra content that attempts to fill in the story more. However, the people who did not expose themselves to brotherhood or kingsglaive never got much of a chance to understand Ravus, apart from that one cutscene.

        Those who did watch the story fillers saw a Ravus that was at odds with how Gentiana, Luna, and the last keeper of house Fleuret saw Ravus. Where the game WANTED me to pity Ravus, I felt nothing. If they are adding new game+ and these extra cutscene, maybe I can grow to understand him more.

        Maybe it should have been there from the start, but adding it in later is just going to make my next play more fulfilling. And trust me- I will be replaying it

    • Incredibly bashful for no reason? Get outta here. There is no excuse for this from a company as large as Square Enix. The game needed more time to put together a decent story and if that had delayed the release for another year, so be it.

      As it is, it’s a mediocre romp through a mostly boring (but beautiful) open world with a fantastic main cast and fun combat system (when it works).

      I’m enjoying the game for what it is but the story is complete and utter shit. I’m up to Chapter 8 at the moment and the whole time I’ve been wondering how on earth they wrapped this up and thought they did a good job. Its embarrassing.

  • I feel this is less of a “day 1 patch” style thing as the later chapters were never beta tested by a fickle mass. Internally sure but they are rarely testing for the issues players ran into of pacing etc, more whether each individual section plays properly. Playing as Iris or Aranea would be fun, Iris especially for the pocket healer.

    Yes this is also coming across as an apologist view, but I still hold that, outside of chapter 13, the game is thoroughly enjoyable and that they have sat back and gone “well everyone is frustrated by this chapter, lets fix it” is a positive sign. Hell, the episode duscae demo was patched and updated with new content.

    • I LOVE the game so far, but I’m firmly of the believe that large sections were never play-tested. Or, if they were, the developers ignored them.

      For example, they must have simply ignored all the play-testing for that whole category of side-quests where you hunt for needles in haystacks the size of football fields.

      Possibly they declared those playtest reviews invalid, because, “OH GOD THIS QUEST IS MAKING ME BLEED OUT OF MY EYES AND ASS” feedback wasn’t presented in the correct format and/or those forms had ass-blood on them.

      I’d also like to meet whoever decided that the ‘combat ring’ in dungeons should be so small that the monsters themselves actually leap out of it on a regular basis. Maybe get them in the same room as whoever decided that wait-mode isn’t a button-trigger and the camera in wait-mode can’t be moved unless targeting monsters. That way I could kick the both of them in the groin until my legs get tired.

      • Man those fucking quests. Like those God damned hunter traps on the ground and you have to find them without anything to indicate theyre there, half of them are in shrubs or next to tree trunks and you run around until you’re just screaming WHERE ARE THEY THEY’RE SO HARD TO SEE ARGRHAGRHRGRH FUCK!???

        • When you get one of those kind of quest you can ask for information (restaurants) and it will give you a smaller searching area (or, somethings, the exacly spot).

  • introduce new playstyles
    Thought this said hairstyles T_T

    customisable avatars
    Please elaborate! Customisable as in hair and clothes for the already playable characters? Or, even better, a character of my very own design? Duskwight Elezen…

  • There are so many angles people are making up to excuse their illegitimate and heavily-fanned outrage. So sad to see this binary reaction by both writers and commenters alike – not that there’s much of a difference anymore. At least do us the respect of making it less transparent. What a joke of a writer and website.

    • Yes, anyone that doesn’t think the game is the best thing since the wheel is a joke, and only fanning their own outrage. Also that outrage is illegitimate, because there’s no such thing as legitimate criticism.

      I plan on getting the game because I think it still looks pretty good, but God damn. What exactly are they meant to be making more transparent?

      • I couldn’t really parse it at all, due to the weird underlying assumption. It seems to be some kind of hypocritical interpretation of any criticism of FF15 as ‘outrage’ despite the lack of sufficiently emotive language to support that, thus becoming as binary as he accuses the author of being.

        Also, when it comes to transparency, my understanding, through the grammar, is that he’s referring to the distinction between commenter and author. I believe he’s driven into that frothing inanity by the idea that authors on a gaming news blog are writing articles in a conversational style with heavy editorial content instead of the ‘facts only’ neutrality of traditional ‘pure’ news.

        Basically he’s on the wrong site for what he wants and is being an asshat about it.

        • On a second read through, I see what you mean. In that case, definitely the wrong site. Kotaku has always been more of a blog. If he wants gaming “news”, stick to IGN or Gamespot – those last true bastions of ethics in games journalism!

          I feel like the “illegitimate and heavily fanned outrage” shtick does the game more disservice than anything else.

          If FFXV is good (which for the most part, it seems to be) it can stand on its own merit. People blindly defending every aspect of it, even the few aspects that warrant criticism, make it seem like it needs defending.

          • I’m totally in love with FF15. There are some design decisions which make me wish I could spend a solid hour just kicking the developers in the balls over and over, but the rest of it is amazing.

          • Same bud. It’s one of those games where you’re just thinking “I am so incredibly annoyed by so much of this but I can’t stop having fun playing it”.

          • Yeah, the monsters leaping out of bounds is annoying. I take it that some of the more naturally passive monsters might try to flee, but tour goblins and hyper aggressive bombs that spawn in the tunnels at night? Come on man

  • Considering i’m 20 hours in and only at chapter 3, I have no problem with this. I’m abso-fucking-lutely loving this game and its the first game in a long time (bar Destiny) thats really got me hooked and dying to play more, explore, and do every possible thing available in every area.

  • How entitled can you get?

    How dare game developer’s take criticism of their game well and try to improve it based on that criticism!

    You’re supposed to write about news, not lace it with your debatable opinions. I understand that it can be a bit frustrating to have previous parts of a game you’ve played already change, but I don’t really see any other option. I would argue that they’re doing the best they can to fix what was wrong.
    It’s incredibly hard to make a game that’s perfect out the gate, even with play testing, I have no connection to the game industry and even I know that. It’s not your job to sit there and assume that companies can provide that.

    • We’ve run a fairly strong “don’t pre-order” stance on the Australian and US sites for years now, and for good reason (because consumers get shafted far too often, for little to no real reward). My reading of the above kind of ties into that – you might as well wait a little bit after release to get a vastly superior version of a game, whether it be through performance optimisations, balance changes, or whatever. And it’s standard for every game to get better post-release, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

      It’s unusual for games to patch the story post-release like this though, especially so soon after it launched. But Final Fantasy has always been a beast unto itself. That’s just my thoughts on the side, anyway.

      • It’s definitely unusual, but Jason seems to take a stance that this is a bad thing.
        This is definitely debatable. Sure, it’s not so great that game improve after release making it better to wait, but isn’t it better that games improve at all rather than staying as they are?
        With games that release in a terrible states such as most Assassin’s Creed games, it’s definitely a question of ‘how did they release it in this state’. But FFXV’s issues here are with story, it’s hard to know what people will think until it’s released.
        Bringing back voice actors and animators to introduce new cutscenes is so unheard of, but isn’t bad that we don’t get that enough? The amount of effort put into that, and it’s most likely a free patch as well, is almost commendable.

        i definitely don’t disagree that games get better after launch, but this article paints it as such a bad thing about the industry. That, I don’t agree with.
        It can be frustrating if you’ve already played the game, you don’t have much reason to play it again. But if a game is at least pretty good at launch, I have no problem with them attempting to make improvements. Whether or not it’s better for the consumers if you make later improvements, both sides can be argued, and I don’t believe it’s the job of a news article to take one of those sides.

        • I don’t think that’s it at all. I think he’s saying the patches change the narrative experience in such a way that you may as well have waited for the patch before buying. And as @negativezero said at the top of the thread, knowing that the story is going to get fixed is a big buzz kill if you’re currently in the middle of a playthrough.

          I don’t think it’s ever in question that games improve with time, and I don’t agree that Jason is arguing that it’s bad for a story to get patched so soon after release. It’s worth remembering that they already delayed FF15 to November from its original September release; if the story needed fixing that badly, why not just push it until January or early February? It still would have been a massive hit.

        • Without giving anything away, I will say this.

          With regards to the story, all main quests (main story) were completely irrelevant to the ending what was needed to complete the game. If you take the time to think about what Noct and his party were doing all game, you will realise that it had NO relevance whatsoever to the conclusion of the story. Seems like this game was more akin to “raiders of the lost ark” LOL

          With regards to character development, there is none. They try to create this whole road trip feel, but you only get that if you ignore the story. The “road trip” is for post-game, and that is if you still feel like playing the game after the disappointing story. They neglected any real character development, even Noct was not developed on screen. his development took place off screen, and all of a sudden, he is now worthy of being a king. Prompto, Gladio, Ignis don’t get ANY character development whatsoever. Neither does Ardyn, Luna or Ravus. However, Ideolas gets character development LOL.

          What really has annoyed me is this is supposed to be a Final Fantasy Game. Final Fantasy Games are not like other RPG’s. There are certain qualities that Final Fantasy games have maintained over the course of the franchise. The story, Magicks, Summons, Character development, and difficulty. FF15 failed in all these categories. So, to hear that they are releasing DLC to fix the game that we may have to pay for is an outrage. I have already paid full price for this game and it SHOULD have been complete. The game was not advertised or sold as an unfinished masterpiece. They called it “the greatest Final Fantasy experience”. This is false advertising. And, we all know that the game we got is definitely unfinished.

          DLC is supposed to add on to the game, not fix it. It is not add ons that i have a problem with, it is DLC that will be used to fix the game, post release and at a price. Here is an analogy to explain my stance:

          IF you contracted a business to build your house, and that contract was 10 years, you would expect that the company would deliver the house you paid for! The experiences the company goes through in that time are not relevant to the finish product that you paid for. What do you think you would say to that company if the house they built had holes in the walls!? Then the company says to you, “we had so much trouble throughout this project and i had to change carpenters in the last 3 years. I am so sorry, but this is the best we could do for you in that 3 years. I know it is unfinished, and i feel your disappointment, however, our contract was only for 10 years. We can fix the walls, but you will have to pay more for us to fix it.” I know what i’d say “i’ll see you in court”. I wouldn’t say “sure, no problem. I know you did the best you could. What happened cannot be helped. How much extra will it cost for you to fix the walls?” This response would be really unrealistic. So, why is it that we can justify SE releasing an unfinished product that we have paid full price for! And then agree to pay more money for DLC’s that will fix the game!? Any reasonable person would not agree to get screwed like this and smile while forking out more money. There is no justification for this.Therefore, there is no excuse for the garbage that is FF15. And no amount of time in development hell can justify their product.

  • I love the game so far. Im almost level 30 and not even to Lestalum. I mpacoing my self to try to hit chapeter 13 by the time the story patch is out. I like that they caught it early and its only a pacing issue and not a game breaking / flat out marketing lie like a certain game…*cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough*.

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