Final Fantasy’s Best Bromances

Final Fantasy’s Best Bromances

As we cruise down the highway with our bros in Final Fantasy XV, it’s worth reflecting on the notable bromances and friendships throughout the series. Final Fantasy has a strong lineage of bros and I’ve collected some of the best of the bunch so you can learn what it means to be a real bro.

Luneth and Arc (Final Fantasy III)

These two bros have a pretty good thing going on. Arc’s a timid kid but whenever he gets picked on, Luneth is there to have his back. Because that’s what bros do. When both are chosen to be Warriors of Light, they fight bravely to defeat the evil Cloud of Darkness. Having accomplished their task, the two just head right back home to do bro things like sitting far away from each other in the hot tub and sharing brewskis.

Kain and Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)

These bros have a pretty rough relationship but that’s ok, bro! It happens to the best of us. Cecil is a dark knight from the Kingdom of Baron. Kain is their best Dragoon. After the two bros are tricked into blowing up a village of summoners, they part ways. Which sucks because Kain totally gets mind controlled by the villainous Golbez.

But Cecil knows that there’s still good in Kain, bro. He can fight back, bro! When Kain is finally free from his mind control, Cecil welcomes him back. After that, he’s a valuable party member. Once a bro, always a bro!

Bro pulls a bit of a chump move by not showing up to Cecil and Rosa’s wedding though…

Sabin And His Muscles (Final Fantasy VI)

Sabin is Edgar’s twin brother and one of the princes of the Kingdom of Figaro. After his brother rigged a coin toss so that Sabin could enjoy a life free from obligations to the throne, Sabin ran off and got buff as hell. How buff? Mother fucker suplexed a train!

He’s not the smartest bro of the bunch but he’s super reliable, building a friendship with the samurai Cyan and wild boy Gau. If you ever need someone to help you move into a new apartment or spot you at the gym, Sabin’s your bro.

Reno and Rude (Final Fantasy VII)

Professional bros. Reno and Rude are members of the Turks and act as shady intelligence agents for the evil Shinra Power Compay. It’s just a day job though and when they’re not busy pulling the trigger for a few extra ducats, they’re off vacationing or just having a good time.

These bros have a great attitude about their lot in life. Cloud and his party beat the shit out of them time and time again but they don’t really hold a grudge. If given the chance, they actually back away from the final fight with the party. Presumably, they smoke a bit and listen to some bitchin’ tunes.

Heck, they even return to help everyone out in Advent Children. Turns out these bros are pretty cool after all.

Zack and Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

Oh gosh, gang. Where to begin with these bros? Zack is basically the nicest person ever. He’s a SOLDIER for Shinra. Kind of like a cross between a knight and a black ops agent. Cloud totally wants to be a SOLDIER but didn’t make the cut. Bummer, bro.

But Zack’s super cool and takes time to encourage Cloud. When they both end up assigned to a mission to Cloud’s hometown of Nibelheim, things seem cool until that Sephiroth dude gets upset. He burns down the town and nearly kills everyone until Cloud stop him.

After that, the two are experimented on by Shinra. Cloud’s in rough shape but Zack gets him out of there and drags his catatonic arse as far as he can. When there’s nowhere left to run, Zack goes out fighting to save his bro.

It’s a bit more complicated from here but basically Cloud thinks his bro is so cool that he starts acting like his bro to cope with all of his loss. That’s hardcore.

Biggs and Wedge (Final Fantasy VIII)

Biggs and Wedge are low tier soldiers for the Galbadian army. Biggs is the alpha bro and Wedge is cool with that. They get all the crummy jobs. They guard a communications dish between being knocked off it by wind demon. They are demoted and have to work at an even crummier jail only to have Squall and everyone break out. That’s, like, rough shit bro.

They just can’t get a break. But no matter what, they stick together. Fed up with the crappy time they have had in the army, the pair quit and walk off into the sunset. Get yourself a bro that looks at you the way that Wedge looks at Biggs, gang.

Marcus and Blank (Final Fantasy IX)

Tantalus are professional actors and thieves. They’re all pretty great but Blank and Marcus are probably the closest bros. Blank helps the party escape the Evil Forest but is petrified and turned into stone. Marcus, being the best bro ever, spends a huge portion of the game on his own quest to find a ‘Supersoft’ in order to save his stoned friend.

After that, they immediately rush to help fellow bro Zidane and the rest of the party escape the clutches of the bad guys. That’s some hardcore dedication that shows exactly why Blank and Marcus are such great bros.

Luzzu and Gatta (Final Fantasy X)

This is a sad one, gang. Luzzu and Gatta are Crusaders volunteering to protect folks from monsters. When the time comes for a big offensive against the unstoppable Sin, they’re both eager and willing to do their party to defeat the beast for good.

It doesn’t work out. Depending on some player choices, either Luzzu or Gatta will die. The survivor doesn’t take it well. Can you blame them? Losing a bro sucks. But the important thing is that they eventually snap out of their funk and work to train new Crusaders to carry on the legacy of their fallen bro.

Vaan and Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

Vaan wants to be a sky pirate. Hell, I want to be a sky pirate. So when he meets Balthier during a robbery of the royal palace, it’s the chance of a lifetime. They keep things low key. Balthier lets Vaan make his own mistakes all the while imparting simple tips from time to time.

By the end of it, he trusts Vaan enough to pilot his airship. That’s kind of a big deal. All of Balthier’s advice helps Vaan grow into a pretty damn good pirate. Thanks, bro!

Snow and the Whole Goddamn World (Final Fantasy XIII)

Snow’s an idiot but he’s our idiot. Questing to rescue his fiancée, he stumbles into a lot of trouble but always encourages people to work hard. Wherever he goes and whoever he is with, Snow is a bro who really believes in you.

He also throws bitching parties. After a complicated series of events that sees the end of the world and the complete destruction of time, Snow spends most of Lightning Returns as the patron of the city of Yuusnaan. People go there to drink, eat, fuck, and basically have a great time. Great party, brah! You’re not the worst after all.

Ramza and Delita (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Talking politics with your bro can be a disaster sometimes. These two don’t completely make it work but they do better than most in Tactics. Delita was a commoner taken in by Ramza’s noble family. After losing his sister to the machination of other nobles, including Ramza’s brother, he sets out on a quest to game the system, get rid of the fat cats, and become king.

Ramza’s on his own mission to defeat a host of demons who infiltrated the Church. It’s difficult but the two help each other from time to time. Some of Ramza’s greatest foes are also Delita’s political enemies. Some of Delita’s political rivals are helping the evil demons. When one bro helps themselves, they also help the other.

It’s a pretty good arrangement although neither one of them completely gets what they want. Ramza stops the demons but is marked as a heretic by history. Delita becomes king but may or may not be stabbed to death by his queen. Still, even in those last moments, Delita thinks of his bro.

Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto (Final Fantasy XV)

These boys are perfect bros. They chill together, play video games together, cook each other food, and fight reawakened behemoths together. Noctis might be a prince but that doesn’t get between him and the rest of the gang.

I won’t give more details here but suffice it to say that these bros go through some serious shit and throughout it all, they are totally by each other’s side.


    • I know right? Terrible ommission. It’s like the author only actually watched Advent Children…

      • The article references Reno and Rude’s behaviour from the game and says they even turned up in the film… Barrett and Cloud weren’t bros, they argued with each other and respected each other, but they weren’t best friends or anything.

        • I beg to differ, Cloud and Barrett clearly formed a bro-mance over the duration of the game, as much if not more than Reno and Rude, who were pretty two dimensional, you got to be there for the solidifying of Cloud and Barret as ‘bro’s’. There’s no actual criteria here for what constitutes a ‘bromance’, and Cloud and Barret in FF7, definitely has the male bonded friendship by the endpoint downpat, a friendship forged in fire for sure.

          • True, but do you think they’d go on holidays together for fun? Reno and Rude did that, they were cute best mates.

  • Glad to see they didn’t skip Ramza and Delita. As the blurb may hint, it was a super complex relationship. Delita was not a good person but he had a noble goal and he always respected Ramza, who as an honest-to-goodness good person, even as he used Ramza to further his own agenda.

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