Fine Art: Building Some Of The Biggest Things In Video Games

EVE Online's Citadels are some of the biggest, most impressive objects in all of video games, some of them designed to be 150km tall. Which presented quite a challenge for the people who actually had to design them.

One of those people is artist Pavel Savchuk, who has shared some of his early work creating the stations for EVE developers CCP.

"Main challenge here was probably the sheer size of these structures - the biggest Citadel is 150km tall and at that scale there just aren't many real-life man-made objects to use as references", Savchuk writes on ArtStation.

"Ended up looking at things like satellite photos of cities and airports for the most part. Also making sure that they look OK up close, as they are actual in-game objects that you can fly around and get really close to, so another challenge was to make the textures work without turning into a blurry mess of pixels and populating the surface with details without blowing the poly budget."

Below you'll find some of Savchuk's explorations getting his head around this challenge, which look great. You can see more of Pavel's work at his ArtStation page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


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