First Look At The Live-Action Gintama Cast In Costume

Next year, a live-action Gintama movie based on the popular manga and anime is slated to hit Japanese movie theatres. Here's a first look at the movie's leads.

[Images: gintama_film]

That's Shun Oguri, who you might remember as Lupin in the live-action version, as the titular Gintoki Sakata.

[Image: gintama_film]

Oguri is joined by actor Masaki Suda as samurai-in-training Shinpachi Shimura.

[Image: gintama_film]

And here is idol singer and actress Kanna Hashimoto as the main female protagonist Kagura.

[Image: gintama_film]

The Gintama movie will be out in Japan next winter. No word yet on an international release. 


    I've never read/watched this series and it looked interesting til Ashcraft said "idol singer". Ever since i heard Min Mei's horrid shrieking in Macross, i can't deal with female J-pop singers (or K-pop, western pop. Anything super high pitched, really.) The exceptions being 5,6,7,8's, Baby Metal and SOME Melt Banana tracks. It's not a racist or sexist thing before anyone gets offended, purely tonal and musical tastes. Their high pitched wailing is like nails on a blackboard for me unfortunately. If someone can confirm it's worth enduring (please!), i'll just mute her musical scenes

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