For Those Of You Who Really Want To Know If Anybody Dies In The Last Guardian

Since the reveal of The Last Guardian, folks have been speculating about which one of the two main characters would be sacrificed to the god of emotional impact. Some have told us they can't play the game until they know. Fine. Spoilers, obviously.

It's partly Penny Arcade's fault.

But the real blame lies in a pattern established over centuries of human entertainment. We don't like seeing kids or pets getting hurt. They are small things that should be protected, even if one of them is the size of a city bus and shoots lightning out of its tail.

We've been fielding tweets and emails from concerned gamers since our review ran earlier this week, telling us they just can't bear to play this lovely game without knowing whether or not they'd be hit with an emotional backhand at the end.

I get it. Frankly I enjoy a good cry, but I can see how some people might not want that sort of thing to sneak up on them. It's OK. We're here for you.

So which one dies? Do both of them die? Oh god, does one of them die to save the other? Is the boy forced to eat the creature to survive?

None of the above. Now relax and enjoy! Mind that one part.


    Theory: This whole game is actually a bonding and training exercise between the Gryphon and it's rider. No one will die. They will just become part of the war machine. Sadness ensues.

    They want to get emotionally connected, but they also want to know the ending ahead of time? Whatevs float their boat, I guess.

    *I notice you didn't mention if the creature eats the boy instead. Interesting...

      If you watch the Dunkey video the creature eats the boy

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