Forza Horizon 3's Snow Driving Is Almost Too Real

During my first ten minutes in Forza Horizon 3's wintry Blizzard Mountain expansion pack, I found myself in a snowstorm so thick I pulled over to wait it out.

It was only a few seconds before I remembered that I was an immortal super driver with an army of tree-devouring vehicles at my command, but for a brief moment, Blizzard Mountain's weather conditions got the best of me.

Like Forza Horizon 2's Storm Island expansion, Blizzard Mountain is all about weather and traction, but there is a very big difference between ice and water, rain and snow. For one, you can see distant lights through rain, so oncoming cars (and houses, and utility poles) don't suddenly appear in front of your vehicle as if by magic.

The perfect speed for this kind of weather.

Blizzard Mountain uses snow and fog to great effect. One minute you're staring at an expansive snow-covered valley . . .

White powder for as far as the eye can see.

. . . and the next minute it disappears.

Suddenly the eye can't see quite as far.

Blizzard Mountain also features a large frozen lake, perfect for practicing your car skating.

Once I overcame my brief bout of paralyzing fear, Blizzard Mountain became a great deal more fun. There are several new snow-appropriate vehicles to play with, and the option of adding snow tires to your existing rides.

Note that I said "option." Taking on the new area's tracks and trials in a properly outfitted ride is nice, but there is a ton of fun to be had by taking something like a 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT out onto the ice naked.

Check out the video below to see how much fun you can have in Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion when you let go of silly notions like reality and self-preservation.


    I still haven't picked up FH3 even though I've played through the demo four times already. Might pick it up now that it has this as well.

    Is this still set in Australia?

      I'm not sure any of the Australian locations in FH3 ever experience snow :p

      So I'm gonna say no lol

        Well, none of the locations on the main map experience snow, but there is definitely snow in Australia, and apparently you can see Byron Bay from on the mountain.

          Apparently Byron Bay is the south-eastern most part of Australia and Surfers Paradise is only a stones throw from The Twelve Apostles haha

      No, This expansion is set in a map seperate to the main game

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